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Escort lady in Los Angeles

(United States)

I am also touring in the following cities:
Coronado, Chula Vista, Escondido, Oceanside, Newport Beach CA, Pasadena CA, San Diego CA, Palm Springs CA, Scottsdale

Hola Gentlemen
I appreciate your attention to gain insight as to whom you're possibly planning to spend precious time with...


I'm Angelina Jones, an "Inamorata Exquisita Courtesan" from Spain.

Worldwide, I'm highly~revered as an erotic Playmate procuring enchanting evenings of pleasurable escapism.

I'm guessing you desire to be pampered either "In~Person or as my "Virtual Paramour" online?

I invite you to peruse further, to ascertain I'm the perfect antidote for your indulgence!

If one senses desires, compatibility and has qualifications to meet, look no further if duly intrigued to join me in this journey of uninhibited rapture...
a.k.a. an © "Angelinacation"

As your "Inamorata", whichever path our immense lust takes us, I most often lead you to heights unknown or even spoken of"...

"Every single rendezvous is a feast of sensations for the mind, body and soul".

I'm aware of my powerful female essence, having perfected the "Art~0f~Seduction" which I believe cannot be taught.

There's nothing more intoxicating than seducing a refined discerning gentleman whom reciprocates his pleasure felt.

I've enjoyed many stellar professional careers as related to my extensive University Masters Degree academia.

However, I've discovered the most rewarding, true joy simply being a desired "Executive Companion".

Here's a quote from one of my most recent Client's Review which illustrates ones's possible expectations upon meeting;

"Angelina possesses beauty, rare multi~cultural wit and vast intelligence"...

She's a sensual bbw paramour proffering a repertoire of creative titillation to awaken one's spirit"...

"This powerful, rare trifecta is most alluring for public dates and a guaranteed marvelous tryst behind closed doors!"
~~ "Client Review" ~~

In San Diego, I'm "Rated #17" in the overall "Top 100 Reviewed Companions" out of over 200000+ and the "#1~ Rated San Diego Bbw

My current Bbw physique is desired by many however isn't for everyone;
I'm 5' 8" Tall
40dd~30~48 "All~Natural Measurements"

However, if you appreciate to be lovingly pampered by a sweet, easy~going Companion with "more~bounce~to~the~ounce", then I'm
your "Spanish Muse".

If you cannot meet in person, may I also suggest an erotic 0nline "Virtual Paramour"?

To enjoy all of the numerous possibilites for uninhibited delight, please peruse my entire Personal Website to begin this "highly~sought~after" journey to savor an indelible
© "Angelinacation"...

I can't wait to pamper you
Mi Amigo!

Angelina Jones,

Personal details

Independent escort
Escort lady
41 years
173 cm / 5'8"
Clothes size
Bra size
Hair color
Hair length
very long
Eye color
Skin type
Private area
Sexual orientation
Second languages
Spanish (fluently in word and font), Italian (fluently in word and font), Arabic (basic knowledge)
Escort, Companion, Model, Actress
Ideas for gifts
Surprise Me!!

💋 Though never required, I love little
surprises in the form of Cash Tips
or fresh Purple or 0range Tulips

💋 Also if suitable, submitting a Review
without much detail is appreciated
and should be placed on various
private Review Platforms such as
"EroticMonkey" EMID# 090589 or
"TheEroticReview" TER ID# 276928
Please peruse my entire Personal
Website here, by viewing all the
way to the bottom of the page
for Photos & Significant Details
in order to meet me.....

I'm Angelina Jones,
You know you deserve an
© A n g e l i n a c a t i o n !!

With titillating pleasure, I beckon
you to join me Daily 4pm to 11pm.

Please peruse my "Cancellation Policy"
prior to scheduling.

◆ Book & Screen:

Time is a precious fleeting commodity.....
I value my time, as I'll cherish yours.
Therefore, please do not contact me
unless you're sincerely ready to meet.

0nly serious respectful inquires are
considered; all others will be ignored.

I'm never available "On-Call" nor
"Last~Minute" even if we have met prior.

● To reserve our clandestine rendezvous,
compose only one Email with as much
information as possible, doing so 48 hrs.
in Advance for Verification Screening.

● Verification can take up to 2 days+ so
please plan accordingly.

● If you're visiting from out~of~town,
please book a week + in advance,
as I cannot entertain last~minute.

● My Booking Email:

● Take a photo of this page, to compose
your one Email correspondence to assist
completing the Reservation Instructions:

◆ Request Your Desired Booking:
● Calendar Date: _ _/_ _/_ _
● Day:
Monday to Sunday

● Time 0f Day:
4pm ~ 11pm
● # 0f Hours / My Listed Donation

● Additional Time~Slots Desired, Should
Your 1st Request Be Unavailable.

◆ Request Type of Tryst & # 0f Hours:
● Bliss Tryst
● Over & Above Tryst
● Dinner & Playtime Tryst
● Overnight
● Virtual Date
● Full Day
● Entire Weekend
● Cuddle Tryst
● Mistress Arrangement
● Duo

◆ Submit Your Information:
● Name
● Race
● Age
● Height & Build
● City in Which You Reside
● Phone # {I will not call/text}
● Email
● 0ccupation
● Name & Company Website if
● Are You a Member of a Forum
Site/Please list Site & "Handle"

◆ Submit a minimum of 3 or more,
Verifiable Independent Providers
with whom you've recently met &
Provider's Information:
{I cannot verify "Agency Escorts" nor "AMP's"}

● Provider's Name
● City In Which You Visited Provider
● Phone #
● Email
● Provider's Personal Website

◆ If you DO NOT have Provider
References, my hourly Donation
is $700 submitted 48 hours in
advance with personal questions
answered, and a "Selfie" of you
holding your ID with your address

* It is non-refundable if you Cancel *

● My Booking Email:


My Stellar Reviews impart my fun-loving
personality and my ability to exquisitely
pamper you:






● attraction.20746/#post-1875





More details
Tour data in
Los Angeles, Coronado, Chula Vista, Escondido, Oceanside, Newport Beach CA, Pasadena CA, Los Angeles, Palm Springs CA, Scottsdale
  23. May - 29. Jan
Coronado, United States
  23. May - 29. Jan
Chula Vista, United States
  23. May - 29. Jan
Escondido, United States
  23. May - 29. Jan
Oceanside, United States
  23. May - 29. Jan
Newport Beach CA, United States
  23. May - 29. Jan
Pasadena CA, United States
  23. May - 29. Jan
Los Angeles, United States
  23. May - 29. Jan
Palm Springs CA, United States
  23. May - 29. Jan
Scottsdale, United States


Event escort, Couple escort, Evening escort, Travel escort, Holiday escort, Party escort, House & hotel visit, Dinner escort

For definitions see escort wiki

Dating with
a man
Incall (Personal visit)
Offer duo dating (with a women)

More services


Accepted currencies

(from: 550 USD"1h")
Accepted currencies:
Rate "1h":
550 US Dollar
More offers:
My Clients appreciate me as a bespoke experience which encompasses much more than meets~the~eye, all of which is reflective in my Remunerations;
None of which is Negotiable.

I appreciate courteous and obliging Gentlemen whom request my limited~availability Companionship, with a 48 hr Advance Notice for Screening and Verification.

Said persons also value our time, respect my requirements and appreciate my discretion, as they should require the same.

I enjoy leisurely trysts allowing ample relaxation without rush, thus two or more hours are preferred.


"Bespoke Pure Bliss"
☆ 1 hr / $550

☆ 1.5 hr / $1000

☆ 2 hr / $1100 "Preferred First Meeting"

☆ 3 hr / $1650 "Most Favored"

☆ 4 hr / $2800

☆ 1 hr / $650 "Bespoke Pure Bliss + "
*Includes Playtime + Back Massage

☆ Each Additional Hour / $650 / hr
"Bespoke Pure Bliss+" up to 3 hr

☆ 4 hr / $3000 "Dining à Deux"
2 hr "Dining" 0utcall + 2 hr "Play" Incall

☆ 6 hr / $5500 "Bespoke 0vernight"
0utcall @ 4/5* Hotel + 1 Meal + Uber

☆ 8 hr / $7100 "Bespoke 0vernight"
0utcall @ 5* Hotel + 2 Meals + Uber

☆ 12 hr / $10k "Bespoke 0vernight"
0utcall @ 5* Hotel + 2 Meals + Uber

☆ 24 hr / $18k "Bespoke 0vernight"
Unlimited Play* with 8 hrs.
Personal Rejuvenation
0utcall @ 5* Hotel + 3 Meals + Uber

☆ If you desire a sleepless night,
double my overnight rate.

☆ 2 hr / $1400 0utcall for "Dining 0nly"
or "Social Venues" {No "Playtime"}

⭐ FMTY "Fly~Me~To~You" ⭐

*0nly @ 5* Hotels
+ All Meals + Daily Coffee Allowance
+ All Travel, Incidentals, Transport
Expenses + Limo, Town Car, Uber.

*3~Day + Visits Require a "Shopping Allowance"

* Email for details a very minimum of 2 weeks
in advance if you would like to tryst
wherever you desire me.

* All 0vernight Trysts over 8 hrs require a 2 hr
minimum of uninterrupted rejuvenation &
personal time.

* 24 hr Dates require a minimum of 8 hrs
uninterrupted rejuvenation per night.


Flirting is a devine casual introduction to
engage online via private
Zoom / Skype / Video / Chat Sessions

☆ Tamely Flirt With Me Dressed:

5 minutes ~ $100
15 minutes ~ $300
30 minutes ~ $500
• $50 Each Additional 5 minutes

☆ Virtual Mutual Touch Partial Dress:

15 minutes ~ $500
25 minutes ~ $700
• $100 Each Additional 5 minutes

☆ Virtual Fantasy Session:

A sexy virtual tryst with naughty
nudity commands & toys
{I squirt}

15 minutes – $700
25 minutes – $800
• $100 Each Additional 5 minutes

☆ Additional "Virtual" 0nline
Dates &
"Digital Interactions:

√ Scintillating Texts, Emails, Photos
√ Salivating Erotic Tales & Videos
√ Purchase My "La Perla" Personal
Sexy Lingerie
√ Purchase My "La Perla" Panties
$150 per

√ Email to inquire donations for
your desired interest.


30 days / $30k Non~Exclusive

30 days / $40k Exclusive Mistress
*Booking Requires a 3 Month

☆ DU0S ☆

Do you dare to have a fantasy
"Duos Session" with myself & my lovely
girlfriend Jessica?
She's well~reviewed and enjoys women
as much as I.

We promise a lifetime indelible encounter!

√ Please Email Me with a Minimum,
Week~In~Advance Notice,
Requesting a "Duos Date".

Submit Verifiable Model Provider
References & Required
Non~Refundable Deposit
With Your Request to Secure.

√ Incall 2 Girls Duo Tryst:
: 1hr / 1220 √ Deposit 1000
: 2hr / 2440 √ Deposit 2000

√ 0utcall to 4 or 5~Star Hotels:

: 1hr / 1400 √ Deposit 1000
: 2hr / 2800 √ Deposit 2000
: 3hr / 4200 √ Deposit 3200

: 0vernight / $12k √ Deposit 10k
*0vernight must include Dinner
& Morning Coffee Service

+ All "0utcall" Hotel Trysts
Require Client
Payment of All Valet/Parking Fees
Per Provider & Provides:

Bottled Water, Fresh Sheets
& an ample number of Bath,
Hand & Wash Towels
+ Shower Amenities
& air-conditioning
on "high" upon our arrival

My Personal Website reflects
Up~To~Date, Current Donations,
Information & Conditions.

Contradicting content found
elsewhere will not be honored.
Understanding is appreciated.

Please Remember;
You're compensating for a
Companion's "Time" not "Services",
which begins the moment of
your arrival until your time of
actual departure.

√ Grooming Expectations √

Hygiene is absolutely paramount!
Amenities are available for showering if
you've not showered immediately prior
to our engagement and if~desired after.

Please plan accordingly....

Please be fully soaped~up &
Trimmed nails, freshened breath
& no excessive body hair
"down there" for an
ethereal engagement... YMMV


I'm highly~reputable in this Industry
World~Wide, and have an extensive
"0nline" presence with a stellar
reputation for honoring my Clients
and all scheduled commitments.

I plan to have each tryst exceed
your expectations, every visit!

Rest~assured, you and your
hard~earned investment is in
excellent hands should you
choose my indelible Companionship!

√ Please Note √
San Diego Donations listed are
subject to change & not guaranteed
at any time, unless an advance
Deposit is secured.

Email to make arrangements for the
non~refundable Deposit which of
course, is applied to our meeting.

Your kindest gesture of
submitting an Advance~Deposit
is most appreciated!

It definitely enhances our mutual
trust which creates a relaxed and
uninhibited indelible tryst!
Thank you!

Please scroll to the bottom
of this page for final
Important Scheduling Details
And "Contact" Instructions!

I reserve the right to not respond to
"Fans" and those not seeking to retain
my actual Companionship for

More rates


Contact and opening times

Your presence, courtesy, respect,
discretion and excellent hygiene is greatly
appreciate and reciprocated.

However, any reputable Companion has
required protocol to successfully meet Clients.

Please be mindful of my requirements to enjoy
a stress~free pleasurable evening.

If one cannot comply, then I'm not the
Companion for you.

Kindly be considerate of my time as I am of


Should you desire to extend time whilst
enjoying our Tryst, please indicate.
If I'm able to do so, additional
donation is required at that moment.


Please arrive 0nly 5 minutes early.

*In this Business, arriving earlier than 5
minutes isn't considered "courteous".

0ne should never rush a
"Lady 0f Leisure" whilst she's
primping for you darling....

If you happen to arrive parked more than 5
minutes early, please remain in your car, and
do not loiter in front of the location.
Thank you!


Readiness for our Tryst often involves a
significant investment of both "time" and
"money" on my behalf.

Should I not meet with you due to your
unfortunate cancellation for whatever reason, I
cannot recoup my "readiness investment" nor
replace your appointment with another guest.

Kindly give a minimum of 48 hours for
schedule changes, if at all possible.

Unfortunate emergencies occasionally occur.
If you become delayed, please alert me

If you're 10 minutes late without text/calling to
alert me, I'll assume you've cancelled.

● Cancellation 24 hours or Same~Day Prior,
Requires a 100% Cancellation Fee Payable
In~Full, Immediately via Email!
Any Deposit submitted is also forfeited.

√ Non~Payment √
results in
"Worldwide Blacklisting"

xo Angelina Jones, Inamorata 💋

© Copyright 2024 Angelina Jones
Contact languages
English, Spanish, Italian, Arabic
Do NOT pay in advance by Transcash, PCS tickets, Neosurf or any other anonymous payment methods. Anonymous payment method offers are mostly scam! Please report us such profiles.
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