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Lady Dominique (28)
in Düsseldorf
Escort dominatrix

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  • Profile description

    I am Lady Dominique, a versatile young lady who lives out their playfulness with style and class. A strict, consistent but also sensitive goddess of bizarre world which dominance, sadism and fetish is not playing or pretending, but only for their own pleasure with passion and boundless imagination actually lives. My "hobby" applies the riding boots and fetish and Pet and Human Pony education. But other fantasies and methods of education are very welcome to me.

    I am happy to Change yourself in a rubber doll and let you feel my hot latex outfit. Power and strict submission, proximity and distance, to experience completely new pleasurable suffering and sweet pain, fear and redemption, heaven and hell.

    As you can see in my picture, I like my case shapely body of 1.76 m (without heels) in skintight leather, shiny latex, vinyl or silky nylon stockings. For my elegant and imposing appearance countless outfits worry but I'm going to stimulate not only with my appearance, but also with words, scents, sounds and touches instantly pull in my spell, which you can not escape. When I deeply look with my mesmerizing green eyes in your heart, for my part, gentle partly dominant voice, the creaking sounds of the shiny leather of my boots or my tight leather Rocks, clicking my pointed heel or the rustle of my delicate nylon stockings or my silk blouse in your ear penetrate, the fragrance of my exotic perfumes paired with the animal leather you put into a trance and you feel the warm breath of my breath on your neck, it has happened to you.

    But my joyful play lives from stimulating communication. With frivolous dirty talk and my perverse fantasies your mental cinema is heated to incandescence that you'll ecstatic looking for the finals.

    Quickly I'll to your demon that your psyche seizes skillfully, will bring you with sadistic joy playful to your mind that tracks your weaknesses, desires and unconscious tendencies and who knows how to seduce you by all means and to dominate. After a very short time you will open your innermost and be ready for making new, even for you hitherto unimaginable varieties of pleasurable suffering and sweet pain. Your boundaries are respected, even if I decide at the end of the way in which I control you. Conversely, I expect absolute obedience and absolute respect. Smallest misdemeanors or slightest sign of disrespect to be punished promptly and consistently. The unconditional obedience must however hope for a reward.

    It has already begun.
  • Personal details

    176 cm / 5'9"
    Body type:
    Hair color:
    Eye color:
    Second languages:
    English (business fluent)
    Talk themes:
    Health, Immovables, Life philosophy, Nature, Religion
    Cherry blossoms, Roses
    Cocktails, Fruit cocktails, Nonalcoholic cocktails, Champagne, White wine, Nonalcoholic drinks, Fruit juices
    local country cuisine, american, arabic, asian, chinese, greek, italian, turkish
  • Service

    Event escort, Bizarre escort, Fair escort, Evening escort, Party escort, Alibi escort, Hotel visit

    For definitions see escort wiki

    Bizarre preferences:
    Anal treatment, Bondage, Breasts torture, CBT, Dirty talk, Doctor games, Enslavement, Facesitting, Feminisation, Fetish clinic games, Fixation Games, Frivolous go out, Golden shower games, Hairdresser Games, High Heels, Humiliation games, Interrogation games, Intimate massages, Leather, Lick games, Needles, Nipple treatment, Nylon, Pet games, Pleasure slave, Role playing, Rubber latex games, School education, Shoe and foot erotic, Spitting, Strap on dildo games, Student - teacher games, Trampling, Using games, Wax games

    Dating with:
    a men
  • Fee and availability

    countrywide, Outcall (Hotel visits)
    Accepted currencies:
    Fee "2h":
    600 Euro
    Fee "4h":
    1000 Euro
  • Contact

    Contact languages:
    German, English
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