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Bizarr Escort

You will feel a desire to open yourself up in front of me, so I can penetrate and heal you with my energies.
Bizarr Escort

With hot and sweet pain I will hurt you up to your limit and crush the chains which captive your real self.
Bizarr Escort

My essence is playful and moody and I keep my secrets in my treasure chest, which I will only open up to a selected circle.

Rania von Starck
Escort dominatrix στη Ζυρίχη
και Γενεύη

I’m a consequent femme fatale with finesse. But I’m also very sensitive and profound. With these abilities I will lead you in unimagined dimensions of erotica.

Rania von Starck & Miss Bad Girl

11.05.2017 Group Education

Discreet luxury area in Zurich

DO You dream ABOUT to submit your bizarr ecstasy in the hands of two HEAVENLY beautiful and at the same time strict terrines and to watch how other slaves LIVE OUT THEIR bizarr desires? Then you have the CHANCE TO REALIZE YOUR DREAM ON 11.05.17 in Zurich between 6pm and 10pm.

Rania von Starck and Miss Badgirl are going to arrange a bizarr party with 6 slaves which have to serve us for common use as well.

Our Motto is "Let’s Fly".

You'll experience us in leather outfits with seam-stockings and leather thigh boots and tight erotic latex outfits with elegant high heels. We‘ll not only rob your senses, but also lead you through the gate to another world, in which we‘ll in rapture you with sweet and hot waves of pain and rescue you from your restraint to let your deep feelings of lust to erupt.
In spite of involving into the party a maximum of six slaves, and few of applications have been already registered, we invite only three more slaves to our Party "Let's Fly“ to participate.

The tribute per Person is CHF 1000. An overnight stay for additional 500 CHF is possible. The party takes place in a 180 sqm large, secret and luxurious location, awesome suitable for bizarr games.

The location will be kept secret until your deposit payment received. You will receive a code via SMS, that you will need to email us to confirm, to get the address. All the slaves are masked. You can bring your own mask, we will put it on you in extensive ritual that we perform to each slave individually. If you should not have your own mask, you’ll get it from us – an eye-holed leather mask covering the half of your face.

It‘s gonna be fully provided for soft drinks, champagne and delicious treats, you may nibble with the permission of Miss Badgirl or Rania of Starck.
registration conditions: Send us an email with your binding registration on goddess@raniavonstark.com or domina-miss-badgirl@yandex.com

No later than 72 hours after the registration, a deposit of 50% has to be pre-payed (via Paypal or bank transfer), otherwise your participation will be cancelled. You will receive the payment details after you have sent your registration mail.

Deadline for registration on "Let's Fly" is 01.05.17.

basic rule is: first-in, first-served

Bizarr greetings

Rania von Starck

My Preferences:
Role Playing, Tease & Denial, Deprivation, Humiliation, Smoking Fetish, Nylon and Leg Fetish, Foot and Shoe Erotic, Exhibition, Forced Ejaculation, Hypnosis, Pet Dressur, Spitting, Crossdressing, Sissy Education, Corset, Bondage, Schoolboy Teacher, Outdoor Play, Long Time Education, Old School Classic Education, new Boss, Imprisonment, Patterning, Crushing, Nipple Torture, Nipple Stimulation, Bondage Discipline, CBT Discipl
Η καλύτερη επιλογή

Προσωπικές λεπτομέρειες

ανεξάρτητη συνοδός
Escort dominatrix
36 χρόνια
176 cm / 5'9 "
μέγεθος ρούχα
Μέγεθος σουτιέν
75 D
Χρώμα μαλλιών
Μήκος μαλλιών
μεσαίο μεγάλο
Το χρώμα των ματιών
τον τύπο του δέρματος
Ιδιωτικός χώρος
Ο σεξουαλικός προσανατολισμός
δεύτερη γλώσσα
Greek (ευφράδεια στο λόγο και τη γραμματοσειρά), ιταλικός (προηγμένες)
Γάτες, Σκύλοι, Μόδα, ξένους πολιτισμούς, Πολεμικές τέχνες, Μοντέλο, όπερες, ΚΑΛΑΘΙ, Άθλημα, Ταξίδι
θέματα Talk
Τέχνη, κουλτούρα, Περιβάλλο, Υγεία, Ιστορία, φιλοσοφία της ζωής
Ζωδιακός κύκλος
κινέζικο ζώδιο
Αμαρύλλις, ορχιδέες, παπαρούνας ανεμώνες
σαμπάνια, ερυθρό κρασί, λευκό κρασί, Ροζέ κρασί
γαλλική γλώσσα, ιταλικός, Ιαπωνικά
Ιδέες για δώρα
- PARFÜM: Bond No.9: B9, the Scent of Peace, Little Italy
- Point Heel Naht-Nylons: von GIO, schwarz oder natural Gr.10.5
- Wolford: tights Individual 10 schwarz Gr. L
- Gianmarco Lorenzi: shoes and boots Gr. 39
- Giuseppe Zanotti: shoes and boots Gr 39
- Casadei: shoes and boots Gr.40
- Christian Louboutin: shoes and boots Gr. 40
- Handbags: Chanel, Dior, Prada, Bottega Veneta
- Leder- und Reiterhosen: von Ralph Lauren und Miasuki Gr. S
- Schmuck: Hermes, Chanel, Versage, Cartier
- Wäsche: Chantal Thomass, Marlies Dekkers, Agent Provocateur
- Wäsche Gr. Slip: S, BH: 75 D Suspender: XS
- AMAZON GUTSCHEIN r.van-starck@gmx.de
- Youtube Video (Rania von Starck - Exellence in Domination)

- Model for the fashion brand Thierry Mugler

- Model for the photographer Ellen von Unwerth

- One of the top fetish models of the photographers
Christophe Mourthé, Peter Czernich, Karl Louis

- named in an article by the "Skin Two Magazine" as
probably the worldwide best misterss.


- in einem Artikel des "Skin Two Magazines" als wahrscheinlich weltweit beste Mistress" bezeichnet

Περισσότερες λεπτομέρειες
συνοδεία υπηρεσία στο
Ζυρίχη, Γενεύη

Υπηρεσία και τα ποσοστά

συνοδεία εκδήλωση, βράδυ συνοδεία, Ταξίδια συνοδεία, επίσκεψη ξενοδοχείο

Για τους ορισμούς βλέπε συνοδεία wiki

Ραντεβού με
ένας άντρας, 2 άνδρες, 2 γυναίκες
statewide, σε εθνικό επίπεδο, πανευρωπαϊκής
Αποδεκτές νομίσματα

(από: 1000 ευρώ"2h")
Role playing
Παράξενα προτιμήσεις
Bondage, Breath control, Caning, CBT, Corseting, Dirty talk, Doctor games, Gag games, High Heels, Humiliation games, Interrogation games, Leather, Long-term education, Masque games, Military drill, Mummification, Needles, Nylon, Pet games, Psychological torture, Role playing, Rubber latex games, School education, Shoe and foot erotic, Stimulation current games, Strap on dildo games, Student - teacher games, Trampling, Using games, Wax games
Προσφορά δίδυμο που χρονολογείται (με τις γυναίκες)
Αποδεκτές νομίσματα:
Ισοτιμία "2h":
1000 Ευρώ
Ισοτιμία "24h":
3500 Ευρώ
Ισοτιμία "εβδομάδα 1":
10000 Ευρώ

περισσότερες τιμές


γλώσσες Επικοινωνία
Γερμανός, Greek, ιταλικός
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