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Glamouresse Fetishescort - Your pleasure. Not more. Not less.
Ich kann allem widerstehen. Nur nicht der Versuchung.

Oscar Wilde
Ich habe einen einfachen Geschmack. Ich bin immer mit dem Besten zufrieden.

Oscar Wilde

Glamouresse Fetishescort
agence d'escorte Bizarre à Francfort
Année fondateur: 2009

Glamouresse Fetishescort - Bizarre escort agency Frankfurt
Fancy the following tempting game: You are in a space which is illuminated only by the flickering of red candles on silver candlesticks. Wagner overtures flood the room with a mysterious mood. In the middle of the room, there is an inviting bed with white damask sheets and four crimson red silk cloths draped on it. A lady in a classic black skirt and white blouse is escorted to a table by a gentleman in a dinner jacket. Ice cold champagne and two glasses are already on that table. Together, the lady and the gentleman savor a glass of it and they talk. After a while, the gentleman lays a blindfold on the table. He asks the lady to get up and to take off her blouse and her skirt until she is only wearing stockings and shoes. Then he puts the blindfold over her eyes and guides her to the bed, where she tied down on her hands and feet with four crimson silk cloth pieces. Absolutely immobile and helpless, she hears the gentleman walking through the room and moving the ice cubes inside the champagne tub. He comes back and kisses her. Then he takes an ice cube and slides it along her trembling body as he begins an interplay between hot kisses and cooling touches - a play which consists of desire and grief, closeness and distance and pure passion.

For this delicate game with a submissive lady while on a mystic and sensuous exploratory journey somewhere between sky and hell, the ladies of Glamouresse are the right companion.

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24h quotidienne

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échelle de l'État, dans tout le pays, Europewide, partout dans le monde, Déplace (visites de l'hôtel)

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échelle de l'État, dans tout le pays, Europewide, partout dans le monde, Déplace (visites de l'hôtel)

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Breath control, Dildo games, Leather fetish, Sensory deprivation, ...
Dernière en ligne: 09.02.2022
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