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Fetish Escort Miss Sandra

Miss Sandra
Escort dominatrix à Essen
et Dortmund, Bochum, Dusseldorf, Eau de Cologne

I am a 1, 76m tall dominatrix. My feminine dominance is achieved through the interaction between the use of mental as well as physical powers in many facets. With my crafty disposition I will rob you of your last strength. You will give me your full attention, then you will experience full submission to me, and let yourself go completely. You will give up the control over yourself and everything will lie in my hands. All your denigration, pain and helplessness is a source of great pleasure for me. The specific inclinations, ideas and fantasies of each individual can be extremely different. The submissive slave, the fetishist, as well as the masochist will find satisfaction by placing his fate in my experienced hands in the highly charged atmosphere of our encounter.

My guest will receive my full attention, concentration and empathy. You can be absolutely certain that you will be treated with respect, that all your tabus will be regarded and that you will receive absolute discretion from me. Reciprocally, the same will be expected of you. I act with a strong sense of responsibility according to the principle of "safe, sane and consensual". The experienced and demanding submissive will have his horizons widened. The novice will enter the world of bdsm under my supervision and watchfull eye.

We will begin by having a personal discussion in a confidential atmosphere, at which time you will have the opportunity to voice your wishes, desires, fantasies and dreams. Of these wishes, I will choose among those that correspond to my personal desires as well as those that I feel I could develop an honest curiosity for. Integrating these thoughts, I will custom-design an individual plan for an unforgettable session. You can be assured that I will respect your tabus.

Pro Dome
• Versed roleplayer for detailed staged roleplays
• disciplinary actions with strict behaviour rules
• Nipple torture
• cock and ball torture with clamps and weights
• shoe, nylons and foot worship
• facesitting
• golden showers from my neverending source for the gourmet
• caviar
• forced feeding
• sissy play / forced feminization
• strap on
• bondage with rope, foil, leather straps and chains
• treatments at the cable
• mask training with gas masks
• flagellation from tender to extreme
• pain treatment
• Body Scissor wrestling
• chastity and key holding
• joint sessions with a bi guy

Nurse play with Doctor Sandra – I am cruel to make you better!
• Doctor-patient roleplay
• Embarassing interrogation and corporal examination
• Psychological analysis
• Anal widening
• Fisting
• Prostata stimulation
• Urethra stimulation
• Needles
• Enema
• Shaves
• Electrotherapy of the anal-, genital- and nipple area
• Adult baby play

Détails personnels

Escort dominatrix
29 ans
176 cm / 5'9 "
Couleur de cheveux
marron foncé
Longueur des cheveux
très long
Couleur des yeux
Type de peau
deuxième langues
En anglais (fluent d'affaires), en français (couramment dans le mot et la police)
Aptitude, Langues, Voyager, Le bien-être
thèmes Talk
Économie, Langues, Loi, philosophie de vie, Pharmaceutique, Science, sport, Tourisme
Dior - Pure Poison: Pure Dream, Giorgio Armani - Diamonds: The Stone Women
Eau, thé
saveurs de la campagne, Arabe, asiatique, Indien, Oriental, mexicain, méditerranéen

Plus de détails
Service d'accompagnement dans
Essen, Essen, Bochum, Dusseldorf, Eau de Cologne

Service et tarifs

Bizarre escorte, Manager escorte, Voyage escorte, Vacances escorte

Pour les définitions, voir escorte wiki

Rencontre avec
un homme, un couple
partout dans le monde, Reçoit (visite personnelle), Déplace (visites de l'hôtel)
devises acceptées
Role playing, Foot massage, Cock ball torture
préférences bizarre
Abduction games, Adult baby education, Anal treatment, Bondage, Branding, Breath control, Caning, CBT, Cold caning, Corseting, Cutting, Dildo games, Dirty talk, Distension games, Doctor games, Extreme Bondage, Facesitting, Feminisation, Fetish clinic games, Flagellation, Force-feeding games, Gag games, Golden shower active, Golden shower games, Hairdresser Games, High Heels, Humiliation games, Interrogation games, Intimate massages, KV games, Lick games, Long-term education, Masque games, Mummification, Needles, Nipple treatment, Nylon, Pet games, Role playing, School education, Shoe and foot erotic, Spitting, Stimulation current games, Strap on dildo games, Student - teacher games, Trampling, Tunnel games
devises acceptées:

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Contact et heures d'ouverture
Monday till sunday
langues de contact
German, En anglais, en français

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