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"unique hedonist, one of a kind & highly addictive"
Dear Gentlemen, I am a well reviewed & verified provider based in Prague, available worldwide.

Louise Pearl

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एंटवर्प, ब्रसेल्स, वियना, ज्यूरिक, Bratislava, लक्ज़ेम्बर्ग सिटी, फ्रैंकफर्ट, प्राग, मिलान

Hi There,

thank You for stopping by & let me introduce myself – my name is Louise Pearl and I am an independent escort companion based in the beautiful city of Prague.
In short – Your Prague girlfriend (GFE) with classy behaviour, discreet appearance, naughty mind and witty sense of humour.

Below you may find a few paragraphs to get to know me
a little better & to see if we are a good match. Feel free to also visit my twitter & be assured that description `kinky romantic GFE` suits me the best.

According to Gallup’s test, Empathy and Connectedness are one of the vital strengths that makes me unique, in life and especially in this field; I would say I can agree to that, It always came naturally for me to interact with people I have just met, to nourish the present moment, to connect with them and also to escape the worries many have in the daily life.

I have decided voluntarily to enter the field of escorting, mainly because I do love my freedom, I do enjoy meeting new people; I also do love to play & please the men; simple as that, if we meet and this is interesting for you, I may elaborate on my life journey in more details. I am definitely not a materialistic escort aspiring to obtain symbols to uplift my status in society.

Despite being an introvert, my nature is actually pretty open and direct & since I do love S*x & I’m very relaxed and uninhibited about it, you can talk to me about everything you have fantasized about or might have difficulties with, I don’t look down on people or judge them for anything, as long as their attitude is friendly and respectful.

In regards to my public appearance – black, white, beige, blue are my colors – very discreet. No flashy glitter type of a girl, sometimes I wear dresses, sometimes trousers with a blouse & sometimes jeans. It is vital for me to match the occasion & your style.
I am a non-smoker, occasional drinker of Prosecco, yoga enthusiast + currently dedicating plenty of my free time to my puppy.

Each date is a unique experience; no stereotypes – important is we do have fun together, whether I am your private tour guide, romantic dinner date, horny girlfriend or all of them. You read correctly – playing is what I like the most & it is only up to what we agree on together. In private my favourite colours are red & black & I love wearing stockings.

In case Your desire is within light BDSM, please note submissive role is what comes naturally for me & where being a naughty Bab* girl fulfilling the orders make me also tick. On the other hand, funny enough, from time to time I do like to tie & tease men as well.

I am trained as a professional masseuse & able to offer relaxing or sports massage.

How to plan a date? If You contact me in advance, chances are pretty high we meet. It is also possible to try to contact me on the day when you wish to meet, however, please be aware I am a busy girl with plenty of private activities.

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कॉकटेल, शँपेन, लाल शराब, सफ़ेद वाइन, गुलाब युक़्त शराब, nonalcoholic पेय, स्पार्कलिंग वाइन, Prosecco, चाय, वाइन
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एम्स्टर्डम, एंटवर्प, ब्रसेल्स, वियना, ज्यूरिक, Bratislava, लक्ज़ेम्बर्ग सिटी, फ्रैंकफर्ट, एम्स्टर्डम, मिलान
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Bratislava, Slovakia
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Zurich, Switzerland
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Antwerp, Belgium


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