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Misa Sato
Elite Japanese Courtesan-Tokyo, Worldwide
Beautiful Tokyo Butterfly
I love to travel and I am happy to be your travel companion or visit you in your home country.

Misa Sato
अनुरक्षण महिला टोक्यो में

An explosively orgasmic experience with Misa Sato

Heels up lace down
Have you ever cum so intensely that you thought you would pass out. If you book me the night that will be the least you will experience. If you are tired of the mediocrity of what is being offered these days then treat yourself to absolutely unforgettable experience. I offer a full course dinner with a delectable dessert. No fast food service here. I'm happy to visit your home or luxury hotel. If you would like to party with one of my friends (I am a member of the consortium of courtesans known as Tokyo Butterflies) , please visit my friend’s page to choose your custom date. Please book ahead and be ready to cum with me!

व्यक्तिगत विवरण

स्वतंत्र अनुरक्षण
अनुरक्षण महिला
29 + साल
168 सेमी / 5'6 "
ब्रा आकार
सी कप
बालो का रंग
बालों की लम्बाई
आँखों का रंग
त्वचा प्रकार
निजी क्षेत्र
साफ मुंडा
धूम्रपान की ओर रुख
पूर्व एशियाई
दूसरी भाषाओं
जापानी (व्यापार धाराप्रवाह), फ्रेंच (मौलिक ज्ञान)
जानवरों, बैले, साइकिल, पुस्तकें, गाड़ी, सिनेमा, संगीत कार्यक्रम, खाना बनाना, संस्कृति, नाच, फैशन, स्वास्थ्य, विदेशी संस्कृतियों, घोड़े, बोली, मार्शल आर्ट, मालिश, आदर्श, संगीत, संगीत, ओपेरा, पढ़ना, राइडिंग, खरीदारी, स्कीइंग, खेल, तैराकी, थिएटर, यात्रा, कल्याण
टॉक विषयों
कृषि, कला, रसायन विज्ञान, निर्माण क्षेत्र, संस्कृति, जनसांख्यिकी, अर्थव्यवस्था, शिक्षा, ऊर्जा, वातावरण, फैशन, वित्त, दिव्य, भूगोल, स्वास्थ्य, इतिहास, अचलता, इंटरनेट, न्याय, बोली, जीवन दर्शन, विपणन, मीडिया, प्रकृति, फार्मास्युटिकल, नीति, विज्ञान, खेल, खेल आयोजन, शेयर बाजार, प्रौद्योगिकी, पर्यटन, यातायात
शँपेन, लाल शराब, सफ़ेद वाइन, गुलाब युक़्त शराब, स्पार्कलिंग वाइन
स्थानीय देश भोजन, फ्रेंच, इतालवी, जापानी

अधिक जानकारी
में अनुरक्षण सेवा

सेवा और दरों

घटना अनुरक्षण, युगल अनुरक्षण, विचित्र अनुरक्षण, मेले अनुरक्षण, कांग्रेस अनुरक्षण, प्रबंधक अनुरक्षण, शाम अनुरक्षण, सफर के अनुरक्षण, छुट्टी अनुरक्षण, पार्टी अनुरक्षण, Hotel ठहरने, हाउस और होटल यात्रा, डिनर अनुरक्षण

के लिए परिभाषाओं को देखना अनुरक्षण विकि

साथ डेटिंग
एक आदमी, एक औरत, एक जोड़ा
राज्यव्यापी, देशव्यापी, दुनिया भर, Incall (निजी यात्रा), Outcall (होटल के दर्शक)
स्वीकृत मुद्राओं
Anal intercourse without protection, Drugs, stimulants, Intercourse without protection, permanent damage
प्रस्ताव जोड़ी डेटिंग (एक महिला के साथ)
डुओ के भागीदारों
Mio Mishima
4 + साल
स्वीकृत मुद्राओं:
डुओ के भागीदारों:
अधिक प्रस्तावों:
The Night Cap

70 minutes 55,000 yen or 90 min 65,000 yen

(plus transport & taxi fee )

You have just had a long international flight and need something or someone to tuck you in. Perhaps a full body oil massage with all the trimmings.

The Rendezvous

Two hours GFE 80,000 yen

(plus transport & taxi fee )

You have an evening free to yourself. What’s missing is the presence of a stunning Japanese beauty. Let’s meet at The Maduro Bar or The Oak Door Bar for cocktails. We can get to know each other. Make a connection. You have been undressing me with your eyes since I walked into the room. This is just mental foreplay a prelude to the pleasures of the night that await.

Dinner and Dessert

Three hours GFE 90,000 yen

(plus transport & taxi fee )

The Chef’s Special - Four hours GFE 100,000 yen

I pride myself on knowing Tokyo like the back of my hand. This means I know all the best restaurants, jazz clubs, upscale bars and establishments that are off the beaten path. I am a wealth of knowledge when it comes to gastronomical pleasures and entertainment for the evening .Let me make all the arrangements you just sit back enjoy good food, excellent company and I will provide all the rest and that includes the dessert.

The Over Night Visit

8pm until 7am 200,000 yen or 10 pm to 7am 175,000

(plus transport & taxi fee )

You can smell my light perfume very unusual almost like an olfactory aphrodisiac. You feel the softness and suppleness of my skin perfect, flawless.The kind of skin that Japanese beautiful woman are renown for. You explore my perfectly toned feminine body.The body that women would kill for.I am yours for the evening.We will make wind and rain together. I will become your drug your healthy addiction.

The Couples Course

If you would like to book as a couple please add 20,000 yen per hour to the booking fee you have selected. For example if you are booking two hours at 80,000 yen and wish to add your partner the fee would be 120,000 yen.

अधिक दरों


संपर्क भाषाएँ
अंग्रेज़ी, जापानी, फ्रेंच
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संपर्क करें

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