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Lady Blackdiamoond
Escort dominatrix di Berlin

I am a charming young lady with style and a lot of perverse fantasies.

Extremely attractive fetishist and dominant Lady receives the servant, skl * positive and patient.

I introduce beginners and curious people who want to get involved on the pleasurable game, like in the world of bizarre eroticism.

Where it also completely painless to expire. A sensitive preliminary, in which full trust on you me, will be a good start in your new, wicked world.

As sensitive and extremely gentle mistress of lust and Sahib * rz I give what he craves a submissive husband.
Attitude, my lascivious, proud and cruel look, coupled with my challenging broadcast speak volumes.
My pronounced fetishism (latex, paint, leather, nylon, etc.) will captivate you as well my hands will do it soon.

As intelligent and sophisticated woman, I have flair, charm and dominance in ample measure.

My fantasies take you virtually limitless, my dominance will impress you and impress.

In the clinic, you will learn sound arguments on their own bodies and beg me to explore your limits.

But also in the clinic, it can almost Sahib * rzfrei and no traces will be a wonderful experience for you.

I do exclusively practices, which I mastered to perfection and put extreme importance to the fact that my guest, skl * ve or servant relaxes in a protected atmosphere, before I take total control.

But even the savvy patient will get his money. You will soon know your limitations.

And who knows, maybe I'll cross it? Because you've dreamt has always been Yes.

Believe me, you'll enjoy it if you can see the joy in my eyes when I hear you moan in pleasure...

As real S distin I have unique skills, to be able to add to Qu * len friends, are you even can imagine the wildest dreams.
Without leaving any traces, but also without mercy!
As unapproachable and unique S * distin, I use skl * ment for my pleasure. Since time immemorial, I'm addicted to dominance and S * DIS MUS, these two passions I live like you.

You're humble and want to really serve?
Then come to me and you are going, how you never came.
But also the lovers of fine food you will find it under my nice stockinged legs. Your thirst is quenched, and if you beg nicely, I will feed you with the precious brown gold. However one applies here too, I am pariah. My body is for you taboo.

Therefore you will expect tied up under my toilet Chair, which I will be donating friends love and cruel contempt.
No fear! Because it will happen, there is then no way out. But that's what you want so.

Overcome your unnecessary fear, let you drive by lust. You want it, you want to kneel in front of me and do anything for me. I know, like you know!

It will be nice for both of us, for the perhaps slightly painful one, but it must be so!

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pengawalan independen
Escort dominatrix
28 tahun
172 cm / 5'8 "
Warna rambut
Warna mata

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