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Lady Ilina

Escort დომინანტი კიოლნში


მე ასევე ვმუშაობდი შემდეგ ქალაქებში:
Bochum, Duisburg, Dusseldorf, Dortmund, Frankfurt

Lady Ilina is a young, very attractive dominant woman, who lives true tendencies in the professional sense.

An encounter with this attractive, charismatic domina is always individual and very personal - invigorating, stimulating and challenging by her personality, she convinces and inspires even the SM expert through intuition, spontaneity and proven professional competence in everything she does.

Unexpectedly forward-looking and purposeful, she develops her education very thoroughly, manipulates in the positive sense the subject's thought-world and leads him joyfully, almost playfully to his limits and beyond.

Lady Ilina is an emotionally very intelligent woman who masterfully engages deeply in the pungent part of your soul and burns herself up there forever.

In its own perception the inclined guest discovers and experiences the optimal, highest possible confusion of psyche and real, actual SM in all its facets.

It distinguishes Lady Ilina from the fact that she is always fully engaged in the co-operation - she conducts the sound, exciting orchestra virtuoso in absolute perfection at all times.

Lady Ilina calls for absolute dedication, shows her pupil quickly that only this way leads to the goal - motivates, stimulates and converts his own longings, also secret thoughts, skilfully.

It is worthwhile to give this unique domina genuine trust and to open it completely.

♥ Lady Ilina ♥

A sensitive, passionate, proud, multi-faceted, high-quality, natural domina; A sadist and animal keeper, who lives with her body and soul her passion.

♥ Explore the depths of your hidden fantasies and longings with me! If you think your desires for humiliation are too sick to express them, you're just right with me. My practices are extreme and creative and I like to continue where you feel you have reached your limit.

♥ You want her, you need her, you dream of her and long for her. You only worship her, she will satisfy your longings: Because she can. You are looking for control loss, the carousel of feelings, a scenario that sharpens all your senses? With it you will be able to experience it.

♥ You look to her because her sight binds you. But do not be fooled by the delicate, magical sight, the radiant eyes, the sweet smile, the friendly and at the same time, the way you see it, for behind this facade there is a deep, dark, horrible, perverse, dirty face of which you never dream Would have dared.

♥ You want to be your property, you like, you want to be psychologically and physically controlled by her. You need your severity, you want you to have the power over you and your thoughts. In the end, you will submit to her and kneel in humility before her! Your pronounced empathy, her open-mindedness and consistency will enable you to enjoy things that exceed your imagination.

♥ LadyIlina is a passionate dirty gamer who knows her craft and knows how to use it. Both the experienced slave and the beginner are right

პირადი დეტალები

დამოუკიდებელი ესკორტი
Escort დომინანტი
25 წლის
160 სმ / 5'3 "
თმის ფერი
თვალის ფერი
მეორე ენაზე
ინგლისური (ძირითადი ცოდნა), რუსული (ბიზნეს ფლობს)

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Accepted ვალუტაში
აშშ დოლარი
Accepted ვალუტაში:
აშშ დოლარი

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საკონტაქტო ენებზე
გერმანული, ინგლისური, რუსული
ეს Escort არ გააკეთა პროფილის განახლება წლიდან მეტი, ვიდრე 12. ჩვენ ვერ მოგცემთ გარანტიას ამ შემთხვევაში.
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Lady Ilina დაასრულა საუბარი.
Lady Ilina აღარ სურს დაუკავშირდეს.