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Lea Bertine

Escort female slave / maid in Frankfurt


Please notice that I am not spontaneous. Contact me beforehand if you want to experience a date with me.

Explaining the meaning of my name is one of the ways to describe my own personality. Lea Bertine may be interpreted as libertine which means "a person who leads an immoral life and is interested in pleasure, especially sexual pleasure" (Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary). It is a clue to understand my perverse motivation which is far from being exclusively materialistic.

The spectrum of sexual activities which I use to practice is very broad. Being submissive and obedient by nature, I can also switch and assume a dominant role from time to time. However, all these plays are limited solely to the moments of intimacy. In the everyday life, I am proud of being an independently thinking, employed woman, empathetic and intelligent.

I attach great importance to being aesthetic and well-groomed. And it is crucial for me that you have a positive attitude to your own body.

I possess plenties of S*x toys, which contribute to my personal pleasure and sexual satisfaction. Of course, you are welcome to send me a list of things which you would like me to bring to our date. And I will also follow your recommendations concerning outfits and makeup.

It is important for me that our first date starts with a small talk and a glass of wine or champagne. Better S*x begins in mind, and real sparks of passion and sympathy will make our time truly hot and unforgettable.

Dating a guy is something very special for me, and I will be able to concentrate on you and your needs much better in a comfortable high-class hotel which has at least 4 stars. For example, there are some nice hotels at the Frankfurt airport, where you could date me due to our mutual attraction and satisfaction during your transit time. I totally decline incall dates, because I really appreciate my private sphere. And at our first date, I would not visit your private apartment because of security reasons.

If we have a good chemistry I will be happy to date you again and again, S*x gets even better with time if we get to know each other closer. However, I am not looking for a classical relationship at the moment.

Being an escort girl I love the mysterious and mischievous atmosphere which surrounds me. It is my second secret life which highly motivates me and gives me a unique feeling of being a highly desired, attractive and interesting lady. Leonard Cohen, one of my favorite musicians, described this feeling in a beautiful way:
"Hold on, hold on, my brother
My sister, hold on tight
I finally got my orders
I’ll be marching through the morning
Marching through the night
Moving cross the borders
Of My Secret Life."

Personal details

Independent escort
Escort female slave / maid
29 years
161 cm / 5'3"
Clothes size
Bra size
Hair color
Hair length
Eye color
Skin type
Private area
Sexual orientation
East European
Second languages
German (advanced), English (advanced)
Art, Cinema, Concerts, Cultures, Fashion, Foreign cultures, Going out for a good meal, Languages, Massages, Reading, Sport, Theater, Wellness
Talk themes
Architecture, Art, Culture, Economy, Fashion, Finances, Gastronomy, History, Life philosophy, Science, Technology
Dior - Hypnotic Poison: Magic Dream, Dior - Pure Poison: Pure Dream
Lilies, Roses, Tulips, white Roses
Champagne, Red wine, White wine, Rosé wine, Prosecco, Water, Tea, Whiskey
local country cuisine, french, italian, mediterranean, sushi cuisine
Ideas for gifts
lingerie, dress, high heels, fetish toys, jewelry

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Event escort, Couple escort, Bizarre escort, Fair escort, Congress escort, Manager escort, Evening escort, Travel escort, Holiday escort, Party escort, Alibi escort, Hotel visit, Dinner escort

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Dating with
a man, a couple, 2 men
Lingerie, Lacquer, Latex, Leather, Nylon, Corset, Suspenders, High Heels, Costumes (e.g. Nurse)
French eroticism, Greek eroticism, Boyfriend eroticism, Girlfriend experience, Shower- & bath games, Hand relaxation, Cuddling, Kissing, French kisses, Safersex, Softcore, Striptease, Overnight, Foot massage, Finger games, Wake up service, Dirtytalk, Pose 69, Sex Toys, BJ - Blow job, Licking, Deepthroat, COF - Cum on face, COB - Cum on body, very long foreplay, Masturbation, MMF - Male Male Female, MFF - Male Female Female, French without, French with her, French each, Doggiestyle active, Doggiestyle passive, MR - multiple releases, Rimming, Body kisses, Oil massages, Photos/Films soft, Photos/Films hard, Anal intercourse, Sandwich, Dildo-/Vibrator games hard
Bizarre preferences
Adult baby education, Anal treatment, Ball torture, Bondage, Breath control, Clamps and weights, Cock ball torture, Cock torture, Corseting, Dildo games, Dirty talk, Doctor games, Dominant, Exhibition, Facesitting, Fetish clinic games, Fixation Games, Frivolous go out, Golden shower active, Golden shower games, Golden shower passive, High Heels fetish, Hot-/Cold games, Humiliation games, Interrogation games, Intimate massages, Leather fetish, Lick games, Lingerie fetish, Masque games, Military drill, Mummification, Nipple treatment, Nylon fetish, Outdoor education, Partner education, Pet games, Pleasure slave, Role playing, Rubber latex games, School education, Sensory deprivation, Shoe and foot erotic, Slave education, Soft female slave, Spanking, Strap on dildo games, Student - teacher games, Submissive, tenderly strict massages, Using games, Wax games, Whore education
Anal intercourse without protection, Drugs, stimulants, Intercourse without protection, KV, permanent damage, Roman shower
1 year

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Accepted currencies

(from: 1000 EUR"2h")
Accepted currencies:
Rate "2h":
1000 Euro
Rate "3h":
1150 Euro
Rate "4h":
1300 Euro
Rate "5h":
1450 Euro
Rate "6h":
1600 Euro
Rate "8h":
1800 Euro
Rate "12h":
2200 Euro
Rate "15h":
2500 Euro
Rate "18h":
2800 Euro
Rate "24h":
3200 Euro
Rate "48h":
5200 Euro
Rate "each additional day":
2000 Euro
Travel expense:
Travel expenses till 20 km are included in the rate. Travel expenses from 20 km are negotiated individually.

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Contact languages
Russian, German, English
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