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Send message on whatsapp after reading all as I dont get notifications here: 07751592745


Escort gay in New York City

(United States)

I am also touring in the following cities:
Zurich, Dublin, Amsterdam, London, Berlin

Incall: 100
Outcall: 120+uber OR from 10£ deposit as extra, not from rate (depending on distance)
Ask for longer durations, negotiable with discounts

Read my profile fully as it covers all details: will not answer questions that are stated in my bio. Read before texting for a reply.

I receive dozens of messages so be direct and say what you want, no small talk: only "hi", "hey", how r u", etc are ignored so don't wait and be straightforward. That will filter timewasters, if you talk about my services you have my attention.

Ways you can approach me, before I discuss anything further I need mandatory reply on these requirements which you will need to state for meeting. If fully answered and all requesites approved I will continue the chat. (anti bot/spam):

1-What is your budget? Maximum you can afford
2-Will you pre pay on arrival before start upfront payment upon meeting?
3-Where and at what time want to meet?

For my privacy, calls are ignored and blocked; I only make business by texting. I prefer texts on whatsapp for faster chat, send me only this way. Don't message me here as I don't come here to check. Don't ask me to add you in whatsapp, I will not do it before first meet.

If outcall, either you send uber OR a deposit of 10 is required for to 30 min one way (30 for 30min-1h and 50 for longer than 1h) and I only travel after I see it in my balance, which is instant with bank transfer without waiting. That deposit is an extra for my time and travel expenses, not from the rate which will then be paid fully. I can also provide paypal, patreon, onlyfans, where you can tip the value. It's a safety fee discounted from the chosen rate for my travel, paying the rest on meet. These are a guarantee for me so I don't risk losing time and money, promises don't work.

Pre payment required on arrival before start, also when extending the duration during a session paying the rest before continuing. Just for safety, failure to do so cancels the session as I take no risks. I will ask if you can pre pay in case you don't mention.

All positions included in the cost, extra payments only for extending the duration, paying the difference. Can do almost everything. Don't ask what can I do, specify the question. From the standard, I just don't rim people so only ask if it's something uncommon/hardcore/fetish to confirm. As long as I don't feel uncomfortable I should be able.

Can fuck at my studio flat, your place or any hotel room for 2 of your choice that you reserve before we meet. (You can find plenty of central rooms for 2 cheap for the same day in google, make sure to select private rooms).

DON'T ask me for pics, I already provide a lot here and all in my social media links. If you want even more just check my social media links. Solicitors who try to get any free stuff (including chat for free) are reported and blocked.

Personal details

Independent escort
Escort gay
21 years
175 cm / 5'9"
Hair color
Cocktails, Rosé wine
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More details
Tour data in
New York City, Zurich, Dublin, Amsterdam, London, New York City
  1. Jan - 31. Mar
New York City, United States


Hotel visit, Dinner escort

For definitions see escort wiki

Dating with
a man, a woman, a couple, 2 men, 2 women, a group
statewide, countrywide, europewide, worldwide, Incall (Personal visit), Outcall (Hotel visits)

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Accepted currencies

(from: 59 EUR"1h")
Accepted currencies:
Rate "1h":
118 Euro
Rate "2h":
201 Euro
Rate dinner "1h":
59 Euro
More offers:
Ignore my texts and I block you. Will not develop chat without establishing the basics. If you want to chat casually with me I only do it in my free onlyfans (contains sex videos).

No video calls. I only do private shows in webcam sites paid per minute as I am a webcam model.

Afternoons, evenings, nights. No mornings.

I don't schedule bookings hours in advance, request it only 1h before meeting AND I just need a last confirmation 30 min before you come (or 30 min before u call the uber). Without that I assume it's been canceled. In case you call an uber the time you need to tell me is not when we meet but when you will call it.

DISCLAIMER: If you want to penetrate me I am tight virgin ass so only soft sex, slowly going in to my short limit which for normal sizes should be not even half maximum. No big cocks possible inside, maybe average medium size max but no guarantee to fit in. All in potentially only for small cocks maybe. If any of this is essential to you we can do other positions instead or I offer you extra time as compensation for my anal restrictions that don't meet your expectations. As I have no practice, if you happen to not fit in we can do more of something else.

Not showing up to meet, no confirmation or chat timewasters (either chat for nothing or also who send 1 text and disappears) are blocked and reported to the site without warning.

I don't do heavy drugs but you can do alone with me if you wish. I drink alcohol but only from new bottles and served in front of me. I smoke light weak weed if prepared in front of me. I am a lightweight for both.

As I am new here rates are lower but will rise fast with time as I become busier.

If you want to be penetrated clean your ass with water before meeting (even though a condom will be used) and let me know if you want to penetrate me so I do the same before.

No sleeping possible at my place.

The skin white spots is just harmless lack of pigmentation, not contagious. Read about vitiligo if worried.

Transfer is also possible and preferred, just ask my bank details before coming and fill the details already to just press pay when you see me so you can show me the transaction completion as evidence of payment, saving time instead of doing all together just the last part.

Reviews are deleted as they are only from jealous people who I never talked to, even less met so why bother. Don't waste the time to get a report, also applied to pointless feedback messages (don't, will not read more than 3 words and block).

Willing to travel anywhere if the flight ticket is sent to me by email, if there is a very high budget.

Clients from America are required to send flight ticket by email before meet. Sometimes I am based in London, other times in New York; if I am in New York, clients from that city are not required to buy air travel.

Also available to be a sugar baby in the long term (generous weekly or daily allowance paid at start of each week/day starting from beggining of first meet).

Apply by texting your proposal high budget to find a good deal, start with this to show you're serious and not another timewaster/scammer.

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