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I am a young lady from Ukraine.
I can acompany you in Kyiv or another city, either to be your travel mate around the world.
My interest is focused on respectful, well-mannered, intelligent gentlemen.


pani towarzyskie w Brukseli


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Kolonia, Hamburg, Genewa, Wiedeń, Paryż, Barcelona, Kopenhaga, Kijów, Luksemburg

Welcome to my profile! My name is Asya, I am a young lovely female with natural charm, and sweet sense of humor from Ukraine. I can acompany you here in Kyiv or another city, either to be your travel mate around the world.

I am happy to be an independed lady and to rule the life in my own way. Being an escort is like my exciting, kinky hobby, not a "full time job". As I enjoy life to the fullest, where is no time for bad dates. I choose to spend my time with classy, intelligent, respectful and well mannered gentlemen. Including a little information about yourself in your introductory email will help set you apart one of such gentlemen.

I have a university degree and still continue my education. Exploring this life like sister Carrie, I am curiouse about things around, probably, I would like to find someone who could mentor or guide me in my professional area. So your brain, your life experiense can make me curious, but I respect your privacy, as well. A good conversation turns me on, the mental connection can make me fall in love, ok, I am just kidding)

Check my rates for meeting, I dislike a rush, I am not making races, and wish a comfort, relaxing atmospheare at our acquantance. So, I prioritize longer engagements to let the chemistry naturally unfold between us. Dinner dates, overnights and short trips are highly encouraged. I don't discount my prices, that is not negotiable. I meet only with high class gentlemen, who appreciate the quality. I am quite selective, that means, our easy going conversation, your emotional health, your grooming do matter to me. I only practice a safe S*x, but I'm quite open to new ideas. Share yours! Provide me the details on your introductory email.

Being a joyful muse and mistress like Dreisers Berenice, I have a passionate soul and a delicious sensual body. Sometimes sweet, sometimes wild, always hedonist. I aim to please and love being pleased.
Among things I enjoy:
-A beautiful sunrise at the beach
-The pure scent of fresh flowers
-Music, music, music, the rythms, which make me move
-Seafood, cheese, fruit and chocolates
-A glass of wine or bubbly champagne
-Learning new skills, explore new feelings
-The way how a sexy lingerie makes me feel powerful
-Traveling, new places, hiking
-Spending wonderful time with my mates (especially naked)
-Being surprised with gifts

I am just a petite woman, with all my weaknesses and bugs, wish your appresication and respect, and our good time together to be as fun and real, as possible. My services: girlfriend experience or being a muse, not scripted, but willing provide awesome intimate moments, sticking in memory)

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Niezależny escort
pani towarzyskie
Płeć żeńska
25 roku
163 cm / 5'4 "
Kolor włosów
Używane języki
francuski (Podstawowa wiedza), Polish (biegle w mowie i czcionki)
Uczenie się przez całe życie
Architektura, Sztuka, Kultury, Podróżować, Joga
Dyskusja tematy
kultura, Filozofia życia, Marketing, Technologia
Pomysły na prezenty
Good manners)
Gifts are not the must, but beautifull lingerie, nice parfume or a box of praline would be appreciated)

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escort Travel, Partia escort, wizyta Hotel

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pochodzący z
na calym swiecie
Intercourse without protection

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Akceptowane waluty

(od: 400 EUR"2h")
Akceptowane waluty:
Rate "2h":
400 Euro
Oceń duo "4h":
600 Euro
Oceń duo "1 dni towarzyskie (12h"):
1000 Euro

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Kontakt i otwarcia razy
When texting me, please introduce yourself showing a little of your personality, full name, where you've found me online, age, occupation and the details of our date (day, time, length, location and your plans for us).
Take in notice, the more details you provide - engages and speed up our meeting in real. Just "Hi" only will be ignored.
Contact me on email or Whatsapp only.
języki do kontaktu
rosyjski, francuski, Polish
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