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Ron HAdes

Escort master in Berlin


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I’m a versatile Dominus – I have a host of character traits that I use to inhabit different roles. I like to dominate my victim as I see fit. My sadistic core really is unique. I lead my devoted sub into a session in an empathetic way, take control, and push them to be a better version of themselves. My own pleasure remains at the forefront, but my sub’s fullfilment finds its place there too. My dominance expresses itself first and foremost on a bodily, physical level, but I also master the necessary vocabulary, the language of a Dominus. I like to use toys and other objects to demonstrate my power. Loyalty, professionalism and trust are, of course, tantamount to what I do – only in this way can my subs feel safe. They are in good hands. A devoted sub searching for a real connection with an empathetic mind always be right with me.
Very little gives me more pleasure than telling my sub what I want, what I need, what they should do and have done to them. I’m particularly excited by playing with boundaries, pushing further, again and again. Sadism and intimacy are deeply connected. My sessions are not only defined by dominance and humiliation, but also by a trusting and emotional sense of unity.

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Independent escort
Escort master
31 years
183 cm / 6'0"
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Second languages
English (fluently in word and font)

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Couple escort, Bizarre escort, Evening escort, Travel escort, Holiday escort, Party escort, Hotel visit, Swinger club visit

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a man, a woman, a couple, 2 men, 2 women, a group, Person with handicap
statewide, europewide, Incall (Personal visit)

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German, English
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