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Эскорт леди в Бохуме


Я также гастролирую в следующих городах:
Нойс, Эссен, одеколон, Дортмунд, Münster, Менхенглабдах, Бонн, Леверкузен, Дюссельдорф

Агентство: Actrice Escort

My life, as it is, takes a lot of time. I am not available for life planning. I live freehand and on a single track and I want it to stay that way. That's why I work as an escort lady. I like these breaks aside from the stressful everyday life and/or in the White Times of my business travel time and enjoy the enrichment to be extremely open-minded and exclusively available to very different gentlemen. My interest is in a sense a complicity and the simple deal: two lives - two worlds. As long as both like it and the fingers are burning.

My approachable nature and the ability to fulfill each and every gentleman's deep, secret desires, however fancy they may seem, and the ability to forget the "deal" as such, are obviously perceived by gentlemen as something very special, a crazy playground that keeps reinventing itself. I like to romp and the pleasure I feel in creating beads of sweat in my counterpart's head is undoubtedly a sign of how I'm ticking. Crawl deep into our labyrinth. With or without a thread. I am a ferryman. Can open doors. Touch open, beating hearts with my fingertip. Nothing is alien to me and I am not afraid of my very private, through and through feminine side, passionate in all its delicate to demanding facets, am smart, loyal, civilized and aware of my impact as a beautiful woman. This inevitably includes a flawless appearance and absolutely perfect manners and appearance at all times. Nylons, stylish high heels and sexy lingerie are just as natural to me as a corresponding outfit which I am able to put in scene on every ever so demanding parquet, pleasantly restrained and yet extremely desirable. Overall, I'm probably just extraordinarily variable. Woman, anvil, harbor whore, island fairy, HUMAN. Open to thought plants, with love for hunting. Standing upright I am a decent girl, in the horizontal - not. But the best thing about me, I carry IN me. Certainly! My heart is a magnet.

Special offers regarding minimum booking duration and any travel expenses - referring to the mentioned city

Dusseldorf: 2 hrs

Mönchengladbach: 2 hrs

Leverkusen: 2 hrs

Essen: 2 hrs

Neuss: 2 hrs

Ratingen: 2 hrs

Cologne: 2 hrs + 50 €

Bochum: 2 hrs + 50 €

Bergisch-Gladbach: 2 hrs + 50 €

Bonn: 3 hrs + 50 €

Dortmund: 3 hrs + 50 €

Münster: 4 hrs + 100 €

Личная информация

Агентство эскорт
Эскорт леди
женский пол
40 лет
175 см / 5'9 "
размер одежды
Размер бюстгальтера
Цвет волос
Длина волос
средний длинный
Цвет глаз
Тип кожи
Личный кабинет
время от времени
Сексуальная ориентация
Вторые языки
Английский (свободно в слове и шрифта), French (свободно в слове и шрифта)



сопровождающая события, Пара эскорт, ярмарка эскорт, Конгресс сопровождающая, эскорт-менеджер, Вечерний эскорт, Путешествия эскорт, Праздник эскорт, партия эскорт, Алиби эскорт, посещение отеля, Дом и отель на сайте, Свингер клуб визит, Ужин эскорт

Для определения см сопровождающая вики

Знакомства с
мужчина, пара, 2 мужчин, Человек с гандикапом
в масштабе штата, по всей стране, Международно, Мировой, Исходящее (посещения отеля)
Lingerie, Leather, Nylon, High Heels
French eroticism, Greek eroticism, Girlfriend experience, Shower- & bath games, erotic massages, Hand relaxation, Cuddling, Kissing, French kisses, Safersex, Stroking, Overnight, Dirtytalk, Pose 69, Sex Toys, very long foreplay, MMF - Male Male Female, MFF - Male Female Female, French with her, French each
Bizarre предпочтения
Golden shower active, Golden shower passive, High Heels fetish, Leather fetish, Lingerie fetish, Nylon fetish, Role playing, Shoe and foot erotic

Дополнительные услуги


Принимаемые валюты

(из: 400 EUR"2h")
Принимаемые валюты:
Оценить "2h":
400 Евро
Оценить "3h":
500 Евро
Оценить "4h":
600 Евро
Оценить "12h":
1100 Евро
Оценить "24h":
1750 Евро
Больше предложений:
Besondere Angebote zu Mindestbuchungsdauer und etwaige Reisekosten - bezogen auf den angegebenen Ort

Düsseldorf: 2 Std.

Neuss: 2 Std.

Ratingen: 2 Std.

Mönchengladbach: 2 Std.

Leverkusen: 2 Std.

Essen: 2 Std.

Bergisch-Gladbach: 2 Std. + 50 €

Bochum: 2 Std. + 50 €

Köln: 2 Std. + 50 €

Dortmund: 3 Std. + 50 €

Bonn: 3 Std. + 50 €

Münster: 4 Std. + 100 €

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Контакт и часы работы
Unser Team von Actrice-Escort ist von Montag bis Freitag jeweils von 11:00 bis 20:00 Uhr und Samstag sowie Sonntag von 12:00 bis 16:00 Uhr telefonisch unter +49 (0) 177 – 705 26 31 und per E-Mail unter info@actrice-escort.de erreichbar.
German, Английский, French
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