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Sin Sisters Entertainment

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Sin Sisters Entertainment
Trans escort agency in Liverpool
(United Kingdom)
Founder year: 2012

Sin Sisters Entertainment - Trans escort agency Liverpool
Hello, we are Anise & Starlet, the Sin Sisters. Welcome to our Agency.

We are XXX-rated Shemale Strippers who do a complete Adult Strip from the start, no messing. If the site of a hot shemale with a hot juicy cock, big balls and big tits is not your thing then we politely suggest you are on the wrong site. Believe us, we pull no punches and you get to see all of our equipment, close-up, and we have no problem with you fondling our bits and tits. You will also get to view our big and juicy wrecked arseholes. I did say we pulled no punches and our shows are explicit and erotic. Still want more, then just ask as we are both very naughty and absolutely shameless. A monetary incentive works wonders.

If you want to see some stripping in a private setting, you have come to the right place. For that extra intimacy, book one of our girls to visit you in the seclusion of your hotel room. For your eyes only – enjoy the toe-tingling, tantalizing sensation beyond your imagination and discover your wildest desires! Our girls are ready to take off all their clothing in your room so you, and only you, are able to watch. A private striptease is a tantalizing good time and it will be sure to relax you, tempt you, tease you, and bewilder you. All of these reactions are fine and all of them are expected. For the more adventurous why not organise a Bi/Gay Lads Event Sex Party where every guy can enjoy the Stripper, intimately!

Our Topless Shemale Waitresses can be booked for any event and are ideal to liven up any stag night activity. Our sexy and friendly waitress can meet and greet your guests as well as serving food, nibbles and drinks. Most other special requests can also be catered for! There again you may be looking for more intimacy! Our XXXtreme Escorts will indulge in many outrageous forms of sexual practices, bareback or protected! You just let us know, in complete confidence, and we will either say yes or no.

If any of your group are offended by Shemales then best they not attend. After all, the event is meant to be fun for all. Whatever you desire you must remember this, our girls will not tolerate bad manners, physical or mental abuse, transphobic comments. If this occurs she will walk away and you will not receive a refund and may be reported to the authorities!

Business hours
daily 10 - 18 o'clock

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1h150 GBP
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