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Spielerische Dominanz


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I am a creative Dom with an empathic streak that runs through my sadism. My dominance comes in many forms and I am not fixed with one script. I like to give pain to a willing sub, and depending on the context it can be given as a reward or punishment. I enjoy respectful power exchange and to take genuine pleasure from my sessions. It is important for me to understand my submissive’s in terms of their kinks, fantasies, experiences and desires. Shared satisfaction is how I see my dominance at its most powerful. Silent physical control or orders to lead you in to submission both work for me. I am interested in moments of real connections. I love to create a space of trust, where letting go of power and taboos can be explored without judgement through many varieties of play. I want to be served and worshipped, submitted to in your own special way, with dedication. I am respectful and loyal in my meetings with people and strongly hold on to my professionalism and discretion. I am will take care of you, keep you safe and lift you up to new heights.

Domination to me means allowing people to be free, to give the opportunity of letting go of responsibility as I gladly take it over. Being dominant is something that comes naturally to me, it gives me satisfaction to take control of someone’s senses with my command or physical strength. I guide submissives into new experiences that have positive benefits for them. I really value the honesty that SM can provide, and would rather hear more than less about my playpartners fantasies and therefore it is important for me to underline that no request (as long as it is within legal boundaries) is too much for me to at least consider.

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Independent escort
Escort master
30 years
186 cm / 6'1"
Hair color
Eye color
Second languages
Swedish (business fluent), English (business fluent)
Art, Cultures, Foreign cultures, Photography, Swimming, Wellness
Talk themes
Art, Culture, Education, Languages, Nature
Nonalcoholic cocktails, Fruit juices, Water, Tea
arabic, french, indian, japanese, mexican, mediterranean, sushi cuisine

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Couple escort, Bizarre escort, Evening escort, Travel escort, House & hotel visit

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Dating with
a man, a woman, a couple, 2 men, 2 women, a group, Person with handicap
europewide, Incall (Personal visit), Outcall (Hotel visits)

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German, Swedish, English
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