Be an escort - Your way to become success

The term "escort" is shrouded with a certain degree of mythology. This is largely due to the fact that most people equate an escort with a prostitute. Yet this could not be further from the truth. While it is true that escorts as a rule also offer sexual services, these services only rarely take center stage. Escorts are primarily companions, listeners, conversation partners, and are dedicated to ensure their clients have an enjoyable time. Furthermore, escorts are not always necessarily female, although the largest proportion of escorts worldwide tend to be women. Since women are increasingly active in management positions and earn the corresponding income, the number of male escorts is also significantly growing. A career as an escort offers many advantages, yet the way to becoming a successful escort is often hard, long, and difficult. For this reason we would like to provide you with comprehensive information in this guidebook so that you can also achieve success by becoming an escort and enjoy a new sense of financial freedom from this enticing occupation, since becoming an escort is not difficult if you are informed in terms of the various opportunities this occupation has to offer.

Escort - a definition

If you would like to become an Escort, you ought recognize the exact definition of an escort straightaway. "Escort" is a generic term, under which the various escort activities are denoted. There are female escorts, male escorts, gay escorts, transsexual escorts and escorts for the most diverse fetishes and demands. There is scarcely any other occupation that is so multifaceted and offers so many chances than that of an escort. The job as an escort is extremely multifaceted and offers you many opportunities.
An escort receives money in exchange for his or her time and additional services rendered. As an escort you can visit your clients in a hotel, go out for dinner together, accompany clients to events, spend weekends together or even embark on a holiday together. When you become an escort, you can encounter the most incredible situations. Your client base largely comprises managers, business executives and diplomats who can afford to pay for an escort's services - and have the correspondingly high demands. They generally desire the accompaniment of someone who is not only suited for sexual encounters, but whose distinct personality can also make a favorable impression. In other words, clients are seeking a charming male or female companion for a predefined time who is adept at meaningful conversation as well as guarantee an unforgettable experience for an evening or the entire time shared. Although the job as an escort entails many erotic components and often or even regularly results in an exchange of intimate or sexual escapades, there is a clear distinction between a job as an escort and a prostitute.

Escort or Prostitute - similarities and differences

If you would like to be a call girl or work as a prostitute in a bordello, you are at liberty to make this choice. Yet the type of work an escort undertakes greatly differs from this profession. As a prostitute, men have the option of booking you for an encounter at a hotel. However, these encounters are usually very brief and rarely involve anything but pure sex, whereas in the job as an escort, sex is only one component of the comprehensive package. Encounters are generally conducted over a longer duration, and are only seldom less than two hours. You will frequently spend a great deal of time with your client, engage in conversations, or simply be there to listen. As an escort, you provide the perfect accompaniment. An escort does also provide sex in exchange for intimate occasions or for satisfying particular sexual desires. But clients primarily also seek out an escort at their own level who has a distinct character as well as independent desires and sensibilities.

If you would like to become an escort, you must consider the following points:

  • a job as an escort is not performed on a full-time basis. It is a secondary job with favorable earning opportunities
  • you will have a manageable amount of dates and are able to prepare for each date
  • your dates will usually have a longer duration than two hours
  • you are not a prostitute. You are educated, have an abundance of self-confidence and can easily move within various social circles.
  • you uphold your own signature style on every date. Your clients will not only recall their date with you in a sexual context, but will also fondly remember the entire time spent with you.

Requirements for the job as an escort

If you would like to become an escort, but are neither a model or are interested in this profession, you need not relinquish your ambition to be an escort. Becoming an escort does not demand that you have the perfect figure or a flawless appearance. However, it goes without saying that physical attributes play an important role. After all, the job as an escort involves satisfying all of a client's senses. For this reason, there are several basic requirements for working as an escort which you are expected to fulfill. If this applies to you, there is nothing to stand in your way to a sideline as an escort.

Appealing qualities: You do not need model proportions to become an escort. Yet it is advisable to play up your physical attributes to the fullest. Go to the gym, eat healthily and wear clothing that is flattering to your body type. Not all escorts are expected to be young and extremely beautiful. However, if you can demonstrate that you are happy with yourself, your physique and that you have style, self-assurance, and work hard to maintain these qualities, you are practically guaranteed success as an escort.

An escort has style: Before you become an escort, learn whatever you can in terms of the nature of your clientele. As a rule, individuals in positions of power and responsibility tend to book escorts, which means you will be participating in the most diverse events as well as in a variety of locations accordingly. Also ensure that your style of clothing and your behavior is appropriate for the varying demands. Becoming a escort still requires you to expand and improve your own wardrobe.

Engage in conversations: Many clients not only select an escort based on physical appearance, but also for the purpose of having a competent conversation partner. If you would like to become an escort with any degree of success, you ought to also have the wherewithal to both engage as well as converse in the most diverse topics. Working as an escort also requires a certain basic education.

Forthrightness with your partner: The escort occupation can be extremely captivating. You should be prepared to listen to as well as be truly interested in your partner. This is the only means by which you can successfully work as an escort and make a name for yourself in this industry. However, if you do not take an interest in your partner, you can also become a callgirl, since the escort sideline in part has high demands.

How does an encounter as an escort play out?

Whether you are male or female is irrelevant. Many women would like to become a female escort, yet have no idea what to expect from the escort occupation and are not aware how such an encounter could materialize. For this instance we opted to use the female form and description, since many more women are interested in becoming a female escort than men who express an interest in being a male escort. The following is how a date as an escort could proceed:

You will receive a text message on your cellphone informing you that a client would like to meet with you on a certain date. At that point you will clarify the arrangements and check your schedule. If everything proves feasible for the booking, you will then confirm the details. You will have ample time to prepare yourself accordingly. On this occasion, your client is new to the city and would like to go out for dinner with you. You suggest a restaurant then select the proper outfit for the occasion. You will then arrive at the chosen restaurant in a timely fashion, where your client is already waiting for you. He is well-dressed, athletic, and personable. You enjoy an excellent meal, have scintillating conversation and enjoy each other's company. The conversation becomes increasingly intimate and you have adopted the role of a keen listener. Your client has a sense of well-being in your presence and is visibly enjoys your company. He suggests winding down the evening in his hotel room, whereupon your both leave the restaurant and take a taxi to his hotel. Once you have arrived, you ensure the rest of the evening is an especially memorable occasion for both you and him...

Can you become wealthy as an escort? Income opportunities

Make a lot of money as an escort.
There are many people who would like to become an escort, since a sideline as an escort makes it possible to earn a great deal of money in a short time. This is no exaggeration. If you provide service as an escort, you can expect to be highly remunerated. The hourly rate for an escort generally ranges between 150 and 300 euros. Whenever a client wishes to book you for an entire night - which is known as an overnighter - then 1,000 to 2,000 euros is the going rate. The income makes a good case for working as an escort. However, the income in the occupation as an escort is dependent on many factors. You can certainly demand any price you like, yet if you do not generate any clients who are amenable to paying your prices, the sideline as an escort is no longer enticing. As a rule, the more time a client spends with you, the more attractive the prices become for these clients, and it is entirely possible for clients to book you for a weekend or even a short holiday. In these cases the actual hourly rate decreases, yet you earn significantly more than from a single meeting as a rule. After all, you want to become an escort to avoid dealing with an excessive amount of bookings. Therefore, one weekend per month is already sufficient in order to make the sideline as an escort lucrative.

Prices are dependent on various factors, among which include:

  • your allure as an escort: This may come across as unfair, but people who have model figures and are most aesthetically appealing are in heavier demand and are booked more frequently.

  • your charm: Charm and charisma in many cases are even more important than appearance. If you are able to impress your clients and exude confidence, this will have significant positive repercussions on your booking rates and income from your sideline as an escort.

  • your place of residence and area of activity: Similar to rental rates, there are also considerable differences in escort rates according to the city or state. For example, you can become an escort in Munich or Frankfurt and command much higher rates than in Berlin or Chemnitz. If you provide services as an escort, you must adjust your rates to the overall pricing of the respective city accordingly.

Escort agencies: A necessary evil or helpful option?

If you would like to become an escort, you have two options to choose from. You can approach an escort agency and apply for a position as an escort. Or you can work as an escort on your own accord, advertise your escort services and aim to acquire new customers as clients. Many people mistake the various escort agencies with pimps. Yet the exact opposite is the case, since you are not working for the escort agency per se; rather, the escort agency works as a contractor on your behalf. When you work as an escort, an agency can assist you in landing a regular escort job and consequently become a successful escort.

What exactly does an escort agency do?

You are interested in becoming an escort and offer various services. Yet your potential customers do not know you and or the services you offer. However, customers are already familiar with an escort agency, which in turn, already recognize you. An escort agency operates as an intermediary for your escort services. This is why it is advisable to apply as an escort at an agency. Escort work is very demanding and the escort agency's reputation is of utmost importance. If you would like to become an escort, you must meet the demands of the agency, and vice versa. Escort agencies service as intermediaries between clients and escorts and assume several operations on behalf of the escorts. In return, the agency demands a commission. The going rate is 20 - 30 percent of the income for a mediated appointment. Higher commissions are not common and are to be regarded with caution. An agency can easily facilitate the work involved as an escort, especially during the initial stages. Thus you can adapt to your sideline as an escort and become an escort in demand.

Independent escorts and self-promotion

Escort Galleries - the best solution for your self-promotion.
If you would like to become an escort without the assistance of an escort agency, this can be easily accomplished. But you ought not to expect to immediately achieve the same results as an agency. Regardless, there several opportunities for becoming recognized and promoting yourself. You can take advantage of escort galleries, which is a powerful instrument to help raise your profile at your occupation as an escort. If you would like to become an escort, your profile is crucial. Escort galleries provide you the opportunity to introduce yourself, create your own sedcard, as well as contact clients from all over the world. Since this website has meanwhile become established on the market and is regularly frequented by customers, your chances are favorable even without the assistance of an escort agency. Many escort agencies are represented in escort galleries, which means you can frequently use this feature to your advantage if you are collaborating with an escort agency. Self-promotion is advantageous, since you are not required to pay high commissions to an agency. However, thanks to escort galleries you can develop a large area of operation and become an escort in demand on a national as well as an international level. The occupation as an escort will thus become more appealing and lucrative, since you will have 20-30 percent more money at your disposal.

How to recognize reputable agencies

If you would like to work as an escort and have decided to apply as an escort at an agency, you ought to select a proper agency. Be aware that this industry also has its rogue companies. Pay particular attention to whether the agency's services suit your requirements. An agency which consistently liaises only for short dates and highlights the sexual component is not a proper escort agency. This type of agency works on behalf of prostitutes, but your ambition was not to become a callgirl. If you would like to be an escort, you ought to avoid such agencies. A professional agency has its own office space as well as a separate Internet presence. When you apply to become and escort, you will obtain the necessary documentation as well as a comprehensive casting session from a reputable agency. The agency ultimately has an image to uphold. If you would like to become a female escort at an agency, you must be able to make a favorable impression as well match their company portfolio.

Important components of a reputable agency:

  • professional website
  • a casting session and personal meeting prior to concluding a contract between agency and escort.
  • a written contract
  • no advanced payments required
  • cost-free sed card creation
  • high level of data protection and absolute discretion
  • accurately fixed commission amount
  • safety measures for the escorts
  • possibility to terminate the contract at any time

Application to an escort agency

Completing an application as an escort is quick and easy. Many modern agencies have an application form on their own websites. If you would like to become an escort, you can take the first step here to apply for a job as an escort. Fill out the form to the best of your knowledge. Avoid lying or providing misleading information. These discrepancies usually come to light eventually, and can greatly damage the work as an escort. Proper agencies inform candidates within a few days upon receipt of such applications. Prepare yourself for a response and write down any questions you may have for the agency. You should also be able to explain why you would like to become an escort. Be honest and forthright. If you are applying for a job as an escort solely on the basis of money, this is neither reprehensible or rare. Many individuals who work as an escort have chosen this occupation for financial reasons. Therefore, you may also feel free to divulge this information in your application as an escort.

Casting session

If you would like to become an escort, face-to-face meetings must have a significant importance for you, since it is at this point that the agency decides whether it would like to book you as an escort or alternatively, if you are not suitable. The casting session can either take place on the agency's premises or even in a café. Ensure you are appropriately dressed for the occasion, and avoid being ostentatious. Just remember: During the conversation to follow, you are able to influence the decision whether you are able to become an escort at this agency - or not. Be forthright, charming, and attentive. This type of casting session is similar to meeting with a client, at which you will be assessed for the job as an escort. Should the agency decide to book you as an escort, a cooperation agreement will be offered to you after this meeting as a rule. However, the agreement does not require your signature at this juncture. Take your time and thoroughly read the agreement beforehand. If this agreement corresponds to your expectations, feel free to sign the contract and officially become an escort at this agency.

The sedcard: Your business card on the Internet

Escort Galleries Sedcards with different modern designs as your professional website.
If you have been booked as an escort via an agency, the agency normally creates a sedcard. Aside from listing vital information and your services, professional photographs are of utmost importance for a sedcard. The agency usually takes care of the details as well as pays for these photographs, whereas you are responsible for being in top form during the photo shoot and ensure you have various outfits for the occasion. The agency will clarify beforehand regarding appropriate attire for the photo shoot. The downside: These types of photo shoots are costly and should proceed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Consequently, the agency will discuss and clarify any details in advance. You are likewise obligated to be at your best for the photo shoot. For example, if you are a few pounds overweight, you ought to get into proper shape, plus have a good night's sleep and relax. After all, you want to look perfect for the pictures, which is an important aspect of the job as an escort most clients initially look at the pictures before reading the information on the sedcard.

However, if you would like to become an escort without an agency, you must pay for these services out of your own pocket. Regardless, the job as an escort offers you an abundance of opportunities to recoup these investments. Escort galleries offer you a simple yet comprehensive opportunity for self promotion. You can register at no cost and create your own sedcard and thus quickly and officially become an escort. Perhaps you could take a look at other escorts' sedcards prior to being booked as an escort, which would give you an idea on how to create a sedcard as well as a sense of what is appropriate for the various photographs, outfits, and poses. This is an important facet, since you aim to impress clients upon first glance with your escort booking. For this reason you should carefully consider what type of outfits would attract your clients - and dress accordingly. Many photographers offer professional photo shoots. When you inform them that you would like to become an escort, most photographers will be able to easily capture you in the best light. Now you can provide flattering photos for your sedcard and become an escort who is easily identifiable.

Tipp: As a professionell escort provider, can offer you such photoshootings. Visit our escort photo shooting website Flash Emotions for more information like prices.

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