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Goddess Lady Skotia, a very experienced escort girl, gave us a little insight in her work, to see, what makes her success. The following content includes a very extensive interview with 12 questions to Skotia. She is sharing a bit of her know-how with this information-rich answers. This is a very good information source for beginners of escort business to get to know some work basics and clarifying concerns. Such an interview with sharing work experience with a profi is unique in the internet.
Presenter: Skotia, please tell us a little about your experiences as well as your activities in the escort sector in general.

Lady Skotia: Well, I have already been active as a professional dominatrix for 5 years and also provide services specific to a fetish escort. There is a number of the most various types of men, women, or transgender individuals who are active in the escort sector. In turn, the interests, preferences, as well as fantasies of clients, slaves, and fetishists are equally unique. I am part of the untouchable - yet approachable - dominant ladies and my specialty is the BDSM/fetishist realm. My experiences to date have been very positive, and I enjoy every opportunity that allows me to enjoy the most amazing interactions. I also appreciate that the variety of people I meet in this sector never create an environment of monotony, routine or habit. These encounters are mutually satisfying and refreshing. I especially appreciate the opportunity to have intellectual exchanges with different people, to fully satisfy one's sexual potential, and to become familiar with marvelous places and locations.

Presenter: I have heard from other service providers that there is a great number of interested people who book appointments - yet never show up. What do you do do prevent this tendency, and are there any ways to minimize these phony appointments?

Lady Skotia: Unfortunately, phony appointments occur on a highly regular basis. Essentially, there is only one way to separate the wheat from the chaff, and that involves requesting a payment in advance. There are so many digital payment options, including email vouchers, that are not only efficient, but also ensure anonymity. I am in the habit of always requesting a deposit for the first encounter, as well as for bookings that extend over several days or involve special preparations on my part. It gets much easier once you get better acquainted with each other. In this case, no further down payment is required. My slaves and fetishists are always very reliable. And in turn, I also uphold a high level of reliability.

Presenter: What is the price range for such escort encounters?

Lady Skotia: Every lady must determine this aspect at her own discretion. For my slaves or clients, 500 CHF/hour is the going rate. However, discounts are available when one makes several bookings, but this depends on the individual client. In order to establish a set price, a client must be credible. A true high-class escort must not only be visually appealing, but also offer some degree of intellect. For example, knowledge of other languages is a definite advantage. The appropriate wardrobe is also important, and in certain locations it is even a prerequisite. A well-groomed appearance is definitely mandatory and is also to be expected from the other individual. Not to mention, in my field, knowledge of certain practices and the anatomy of the person/man is absolutely essential. One should also be trained with the corresponding equipment. All of these factors ultimately provide evidence of my qualifications. And last but not least, one mustn't forget that creativity is key. This is a consequence of true passion and authenticity, which then continues to develop on its own.

Presenter: It is often the case that you don't even know who you are going to encounter. What measures do you take to prevent a meeting from getting out of hand?

Lady Skotia: One must initially make contact by phone or in writing. In these cases you can let your intuition be your guide and then filter or sort out accordingly. To use an example: am I comfortable with the tone of voice and way of communication? Are his descriptions compatible with my fantasies? These are questions that one should ask themselves, otherwise, experience has proven that the encounter is very strenuous and rather unsatisfactory. Therefore, it is important to ascertain whether one is really on the same wavelength - or if there is any potential for a real connection at all. This is the reason that detailed written or telephone communication in advance is really helpful.

Presenter: How and where do you market yourself, where does advertising make sense and what prices do you consider appropriate?

Lady Skotia: This varies from sector to sector. First of all, you should consider the other person's perspective. What would I be looking for if I were a client/slave/fetishist? At that point you can then quickly check which sites/portals/platforms are the most used and most popular . These information sources prove to be worthwhile, as a rule That said, free advertisements on relatively less-known or seldom-visited portals can sometimes also be useful. These ads increase traffic on your homepage, which in turn have a positive effect on the Google ranking. And of course other social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. These platforms are well-known, and also well worth your time. I must admit I don't know any platform in my area of activity whose posts I have rejected because I thought they were too popular. However, the most important source in my particular sector is one's own homepage. After all, it acts as your individualized business card on the Internet.

Presenter: What is important with regard to content on your own advertising? There are so many options for uploading images and text. Should one attach importance to high-quality content in every aspect or is that not a priority?

Lady Skotia: My concept of quality focuses on proper spelling and grammar. But people often really enjoy viewing new, as well as a variety of pictures which naturally stimulate the fantasy, not to mention, the film one creates in their own imagination. In my experience, a mixture of authentic and professional photography is the most popular.

Presenter: What information is important for one's profile?

Lady Skotia: I would say, accurate information above all. It's important to stick to the truth here, including age, taboos, countries or cities of availability, contact options such as telephone number and email address. I also recommend a short explanation to clarify intent and expectations..

Presenter: What kind of feedback do you receive from your clients on your advertisements? Is this advertising being closely followed or not?

Lady Skotia: I only occasionally discuss my advertising with my slaves and fetishists. However, more attention is focused on my advertising whenever a slave is searching for a new lady. For the slaves and fetishists who know me, advertising does not play such an important role anymore. In this instance more attention is paid to my homepage updates or my Twitter/Instagram uploads.

Presenter: What you do think your client expects when he books you as an escort? What is he essentially looking for?

Lady Skotia: In my case, he expects an experienced, young dominatrix. And a sophisticated, well-groomed, young woman who has the appropriately high-quality wardrobe, a stylish and confident demeanor, one who also stands out by with not only her IQ but also emotional intelligence, which therefore automatically makes her sexy to him.

Presenter: What can you do to satisfy certain expectations, and how do communication and empathy come into play?

Lady Skotia: Well, a certain expectation is automatically fulfilled if one has communicated intentions in advance and does not make any false claims. Within this sector, it is important to communicate and market yourself in an honest, authentic manner. I also find that empathy is also necessary to operate in this area. Of course, it is a matter of mutually fulfilling the interests, wishes, and fantasies of both parties. In my case, this is primarily up to me in my role as the dominant goddess. If my client submits to me and makes himself available to me, fulfills himself, enjoys being my toy, then he will automatically feel satisfied. And by displaying empathy, I usually end up pressing the "right buttons".

Presenter: How important is own authenticity in handling your client?

Lady Skotia: It is essential. Only then can you embody how you have portrayed yourself on the Internet, which has ultimately appealed to the guest, client, slave, or fetishist - and provoked him to then make contact.

Presenter: How do you maintain your own drive and motivation while simultaneously avoiding becoming too routine?

Lady Skotia: I always assess how often I accept appointments as well as how I consciously portray myself. Whenever I notice that I lack desire or that something in my private life is affecting me too much, I am also happy to take a break. In general, I think one can say that in this realm novelty is the best policy. These encounters are something very special, since a man is making himself - and his erogenous zones - vulnerable to me. This vulnerability also ought to also be appreciated and taken into consideration. There is no such thing as routine in this business.

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