Tantra Massage

Tantra MassageTantra massage is a type of massage which is steeped in centuries-long culture and history. In this day and age, tantra is predominantly associated with Hinduism and is also deeply rooted in this religion. However, this form of massage has also become renowned for its erotic components, since tantra massage can be characterized by sexual stimulation from a particular focal point. However, the objective of tantra massage is not necessarily reaching orgasm, but to trigger sexual energies. In classic tantra massage, climax is actually undesirable, since this reflex would diminish these energies. Sexual energies are created by the masseur, which are then spread out and distributed throughout the body by the end of the tantra massage.

However, this is not necessarily applicable for the various erotic features of tantra massage, since orgasm is not always the ultimate goal of the massage while using these techniques. Nonetheless, when orgasm is reached, it is then integrated accordingly. Important keywords for erotic tantra massage are lingam and yoni, two concepts originating from the Indian language. Yoni is the designation for female genitalia, while the lingam represents the male penis.

Tantra massage does not concentrate solely on the genitals as a rule, but begins by building up sexual tension and energy in the body while using various massage techniques. In principle, the stimulation is interrupted, varied, and frequently changed during the tantra massage to allow the person receiving the massage to completely devote himself to the intensity of feelings and deep relaxation. In contrast to many other sexual massage techniques, tantra massage also incorporates other parts of the body. For example, cervix massage is one of the traditional movements of yoni massage, which is an area of the female vulva which is enormously sensitive and can lead to an orgasm. For men, the prostate is frequently included in this type of massage, which can be accessed and then stimulated from the anus.
Most people describe tantra massage as the most exciting and arousing experience. As a consequence, they not only feel significantly more vital but also sexually fulfilled.
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