Hosts & Hostesses

Hosts & Hostesses

Hosts and Hostesses for All Occasions

Not only does Escort Gallery provide male and female escorts in all kinds of countries around the world, but we also offer hosts and hostesses who can be hired to appear at a wide variety of events. Whether you`re looking for a classic hostess or a model for presentations, trade shows or events, a cloakroom attendant, a moderator for galas or big company events or simply someone to create a more relaxed atmosphere at conferences and seminars. The hosts and hostesses on Escort Gallery possess the charming looks, style and powers of conversation necessary to create an impressive experience.

Find the Right Hosts and Hostesses Anywhere

Our search filter allows you to define search criteria to narrow your search. Search by country, region or city as well as physical appearance to reduce your search results to those individuals who provide what you`re looking for. You can find VIP hostesses and managing hostesses just as easily as staff members for your promotion team or gala event. Our hosts and hostesses also speak a wide range of languages. A foreign language hostess can help give your foreign guests a charming and sophisticated welcome by removing all language barriers. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Quickly Find the Right Escort

All hosts and hostesses have their own sed cards which provide more detailed information about them. Not only can you learn exciting details about your potential male or female companion, but you can also view photos of them to help get a good impression of what they are like. This way you can find the right promoter, moderator or hostess that meets your expectations in terms of appearance and service, thus saving you time and energy. Moreover, you can directly contact potential hosts and hostesses via the integrated messenger to make quick arrangements.
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