SafersexSafe sex is especially important, since it pertains to protecting one's health. In other words, safe sex means that no body fluids are exchanged between partners in order to minimize the dangers of contracting an infectious sexual disease.
The term, safe sex, first gained attention with the emergence of HIV, since the infection with this disease occurred on the one hand through the shared use of syringes in the drug milieu, but also through unprotected sexual intercourse. Consequently, condoms are the means of choice as protection against pregnancies as well sexually transmitted diseases today.

Safe sex does not only concern actual sexual intercourse, but is also increasingly vital for other sex games. As a result, appropriate protection should also be used during oral intercourse between untested partners or in any encounters where sex is for sale. For men, this means condoms must also be worn during oral intercourse, while for women there are corresponding sheaths which are absolutely ultrasensitive yet prevent direct contact between a man's tongue and a woman's mucous membranes. While these measures may seem inconvenient and awkward, it is usually much more preferable than transmitting a disease, which in the worst case scenario can radically wreak havoc on one's life.

Accordingly, safe sex is not only extremely important in the industries of love for sale, but also for one-night stands or sex with recent acquaintances in order to protect one's life and health. If you decide not to practice safe sex with your partner, you should always ask for a certificate of health from your partner and likewise provide such a document. This is the only way to ensure any existing diseases can be ruled out, in case you decide to have unprotected sex. However, in this case an alternate form of contraception ought to be used if you do not wish to have children.
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