Russian eroticism

Russian eroticismThe term Russian eroticism is included among the country codes of sexual practices. Within these country codes, certain countries are always associated with specific practices and positions. The most well-known varieties, such as Spanish, French and Greek, have accordingly become a part of the way we talk about sex. Russian eroticism has two immediate connotations in this context. On the one hand, the concept is associated with using oil to massage the genitals, on the other hand with "thigh sex".

Sexual Practices for Connoisseurs

Russian sex or Russian eroticism in terms of thigh sex is a very common and popular sexual practice whereby the man places his member between the closed thighs of the woman. Using oil or some other lubricant, the man can be brought to climax through the rubbing sensation against the woman's thighs, as well as through variations in pressure. This practice is especially popular in places where contraceptives are unavailable or deflowering is to be avoided. But this Russian position is also beloved by couples for the high levels of intimacy and control over stimulation it offers. Women experienced in Russian eroticism are able to control the level of pressure between their thighs extremely well, providing a very satisfying experience. Plenty of men prefer this form of sexuality since it offers physical contact without actual intercourse.
The second variant of Russian eroticism — massaging the genitals with oil — is also very popular. The advantage here is that it also offers women the opportunity for pleasure. The slick oil combined with direct contact with the genitals can lead to unexpectedly strong orgasms.

These Practices are Offered by Escorts

Russian eroticism is also very popular among female escorts. However, customers should be sure to inquire beforehand which variant of Russian eroticism is offered, since this term also includes genital massage. Doing this will help avoid any later disappointments. Escorts who offer this service also offer a range of settings and situations which can be combined with it. Most escorts include a range of country codes on their sed cards to inform customers of the practices they offer. However, demand for Russian eroticism tends to be low, so many escorts do not explicitly include it on their sed cards. For this reason, it can be helpful to contact escorts directly using the messenger feature to discuss wishes and preferences. Doing this will allow you to know for sure if the escort you're interested in offers the Russian position or Russian eroticism.
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