Spanish Eroticism

Spanish EroticismIn the realm of eroticism in general and the sphere of erotic services in particular, certain international codes have been adopted into the vernacular which mildly paraphrase the various sexual practices. Aside from French and Greek eroticism, Spanish eroticism is especially well known and extremely popular with several men, since in this variety of eroticism the man reaches orgasm by massaging his penis between a woman's breasts. Spanish eroticism can be enjoyed using all kinds of positions and with a variety of implements.

Spanish Sex - Sensual Massage

Spanish eroticism is in a class of its own with its high degree of intimacy as well as the pleasantly warm and extremely soft sensation experienced by the man. Yet not all women are able to practice this form of eroticism, since Spanish eroticism requires a certain breast size. The man's penis can be easily held and rubbed between a large pair of breasts. During this activity the woman tightly presses her breasts on the penis which varies the amount of friction and intensity of the Spanish position. Using oil, lubricant or even skin cream can additionally control the amount of friction, because there is no prescribed position for Spanish eroticism, since the man can can take either a passive or active role in this form of sexuality. If the man is passive, the woman massages his penis with her breasts, whereas if the man is active and though the woman is able to control the amount of pressure of the breasts, it is the man's movements which determine the intensity.  Both forms of Spanish eroticism have their own allure and are greatly appreciated by male and female lovers alike.

If you would like to enjoy Spanish eroticism with a female escort, this request can be easily fulfilled as a rule. Many escorts offer this service in both the active and passive version. It is important to verify the woman's bust measurements if you wish to practice this type of eroticism. Large breasts not only make Spanish eroticism sexier, they also better enable women to perform this variation. The sedcards for the various escorts allow you to not only find out their cup size and bust measurements, but in many cases also determine whether they offer Spanish eroticism. However if no information is listed in this regard, you can still contact the escorts and find out whether Spanish eroticism is included in their services offered, and anticipate the seductiveness of the Spanish position.
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