Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu MassageThe term, Shiatsu, is devoid of any sexual connotations and is characterized as a particular form of massage, one which has established itself over the course of many years. This form of massage has also gained massive popularity in Germany as well as in several German-speaking nations.

In Shiatsu, the focus is primarily on a massage technique using the fingertips, which specifically work the affected muscles and muscle groups. The masseur or masseuse uses their own body weight to intensify the pressure of the Shiatsu massage and heighten its effect. Many people are quite impressed by this massage form, since it also effectively treats deeper underlying tensions.

One reason Shiatsu is often perceived in a sexual context is its traditional implementation: The classic form of Shiatsu massage is practiced on a futon on which the patient lies silently and passively while being massaged. The rationale for this method is actually relatively simple: first of all, the futon is not only the classic lying surface from the massage form's country of origin, but also offers even more advantages. Because of its low position, the masseur can use his strength and body weight much more effectively during the Shiatsu massage and thus achieve a deeper effect. Such an effect is simply not feasible by using a massage table due to its higher position and unfavorable angle. As a consequence, many people have a sexual perception of Shiatsu as well as Thai massage whenever they see such a massage position. Both massage techniques struggle with preconceived notions, causing some to avoid these techniques, while others are ardent supporters.
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