French eroticism

French eroticismIn the Sex Atlas, a number of practices which are named after country codes and country-related adjectives have made a name for themselves. Above all, French eroticism is one of the most well-known practices which is named after a country. The sexual term French eroticism or "French" refers to oral intercourse between two persons.

Cunnilingus and fellatio: Making eroticism even more enjoyable

Both men and women love the sensation of French eroticism and experiencing oral sex. In most cases, the passive role is preferred, as men and women are both equally able to submit to the stimulation provided by the other party in this role. The lips, teeth, and tongue are significantly more sensitive than the hands, allowing the stimulation of the sexual organs to be performed in a highly versatile and intensive manner. French eroticism can be enjoyed by either one or both parties at the same time, something which many people enjoy much more intensely. The position known as "69" during oral intercourse refers to the simultaneous mutual oral stimulation of the sexual organs.

French eroticism in the escort industry

Many female, male, transsexual, and gay escorts offer French eroticism as part of their range of services. The advantage of oral sex is not only the more intense enjoyment, but also the fact that such a pleasurable activity can be enjoyed in an extremely inconspicuous manner. You can enjoy a quick round of oral intercourse during a walk in a dark park or at a similarly themed movie theater - without attracting unwanted attention. Utilize the thrill of enjoying forbidden fruit and the fear of being caught to augment the stimulation. With an escort, you can not only enjoy and experience the many possibilities of French eroticism as a passive receiver, but also assume an active role if you so desire.

BDSM, fetishes, and oral intercourse

Many fetish and BDSM scenarios often involve oral sex. In such cases, it is generally the passive partner who has to perform oral intercourse on the controlling dominatrix or master. In this case, "going French" can be both a punishment and a reward at the same time. In this context, the term "facesitting" is often used to combine French eroticism with an act of submission.

Find the right companion for your French desires

No matter what your preferences may be: It is easy to find the right escort service or a suitable escort companion for your erotic French desires. Thanks to the search filter, you can not only search for certain local categories, but also for specific preferences and services. This allows you to quickly locate a suitable escort companion who will be happy to give you a comprehensive lesson on what the sexual term "French" means.
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