Italian eroticism

Italian eroticismThe world of eroticism is multifaceted as well as vibrant. Consequently, many sexual practices have become integrated into the current vernacular. This is largely due to the designation of these practices according to international codes, of which the most prevalent in this context are French and Greek. Yet Italian eroticism also has its devotees as well as connoisseurs and is especially popular as a result of its high degree of intimacy.

Italian Eroticism Definition

Italian sex is characterized by what is known as armpit sex. The penis or vagina are stimulated by the act of rubbing inside and against the partner's armpit. Genitals can thus experience intensive stimulation with the use of either lubricant or massage oil. The erotic intimacy offered by the Italian position and its many variation possibilities allow a vigorously stimulating experience. Many people especially enjoy Italian sex because it is an easy and straightforward technique. Although the Italian position initially takes some practice, it can be quickly performed once one discovers the exact points of stimulation. Italian eroticism is essentially a very safe opportunity for indulging in erotic pursuits, since there is no contact between the partners' genitals. The very high degree of intensity during contact and the various stimulation possibilities in particular make this form of eroticism a true highlight for many men and women. However, hygiene is an important factor in this technique, since only clean-shaven or appropriately hairy armpits are suitable for Italian sex. By contrast, stubble in this area can make the experience quite uncomfortable and even painful. If you would like to explore the Italian position with a male or female escort, you ought to express this desire in advance, and expect clean-shaven armpits for your optimal pleasure.

Escorts with a preference for the Italian position

Many escorts also offer Italian sex in their extensive repertoire. Simply look for this keyword in the escorts' respective sedcards. However, even if you do not encounter this term, it does not mean that escorts automatically exclude or will reject this practice. Since there are so few connoisseurs of Italian eroticism, many escorts do not list it separately. To ascertain whether an escort does or does not provide this method, simply use the website's messenger function to contact the desired escort and directly inquire. Consequently, you are certain to find a suitable escort who will gladly indulge you in the style of Italian eroticism. Experiment with this method and experience intimate closeness as well as unexplored stimulation on an entirely new level.
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