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Event escortWhether cinema or theater, vernissage or business meeting: Women with style and class care for your event escort with an aesthetical appearance and professional performance to spend an evening in your interest.

If you are seeking not only an appropriate companion for an event, but a lady with cosmopolitan flair who can seamlessly converse about the most diverse topics, then a modern event companion is the ideal option for you. As the lady on your arm she has the talent to both impress you and your guests with her diverse breadth of knowledge, charming demeanor as well as maintain easygoing conversation. These qualities will visibly raise your profile at many occasions and ensure new-found recognition, and what's more, appreciative looks. The event companion is attuned to your desires and expectations and thus ideally ensures you will experience a pleasant evening or extraordinary event.

Thanks to the comprehensive search function you can find the ideal event companion for either your own city or event locale. Various filters allow you to precisely define your preferences and thereby more quickly find the desired and appropriate event companion. The sedcard not only provides information regarding the lady's services but also her extracurricular activities and field of interests. Based on these criteria you can also more easily find the appropriate lady according to your preferences and expectations. If you have chosen an event companion, you can easily contact the lady via our integrated and user-friendly messaging tool. This ensures your first point of contact will be discreet. Inform your event companion regarding the occasion and the type of event as well as your expectations of the occasion. The most cultured and educated ladies will be ideally suited accordingly and make the perfect event companion for you.
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