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Role-playing gamesVariations of role-playing games in sexual relationships are an important subject for many reasons, since role play not only allows one to live out their own fantasies and ideas together with a partner, but also find an alternative form of self-expression while acting out a different role. Although many role-playing games are standard practice in the BDSM scene, they are by no means exclusive to this milieu. A particular curiosity, the thrill of breaking taboos, or a certain fetish are all important components in role-playing games. One special category of role-playing games involves so-called rape games, in which the boundaries are often scarcely detectable to outsiders.

Role-playing during sex frequently involve an imbalance of power which is intensively heightened by role-playing. Classic role-play is the game between a femdom and slave, or a BDSM Master and slave. Both partners adopt a role which clearly demonstrates an explicit difference in power between both parties. However, this activity does not automatically mirror an imbalance of power in real life. In fact, it is often the case that people who wield control in the workplace and are obligated to make important decisions prefer to assume a less powerful persona during role play and thus allow themselves to be controlled.
Such a power imbalance is not always as pronounced as in this SM version, yet these proclivities tend to be the rule, not the exception. Particularly popular and frequently practiced role-playing games include, among others:

  • - Playing doctor
  • - Adult baby games
  • - Secretary and boss
  • - Physical examination
  • - and many more

There is a myriad of scenarios that could simulated by role-playing games. In an ideal situation - that is, when both partners have similar desires - many role-playing game variations can also be experienced with little preparation, or do not require any equipment and devices. During sexually charged role-playing games, the focal point is the participants' fantasies, as well as how skillfully and realistically the various fantasies can be implemented. A physical examination by the seductive nurse can be as enticingly erotic as a visit from a sexy tradesman, or taking dictation while straddling the boss's lap. The limits of role-playing games are virtually non-existent, and must always be determined by the participants.
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