Dirty Talk

Dirty TalkDirty talking is a certain form of sexuality that many find especially provocative. This term is primarily based on porno films from previous years and decades, in which "dirty talking" became a regular component of the films' production.

Dirty talking does not refer to a particular sexual position or certain form of sexuality, it is rather a side effect during intercourse or foreplay. The objective of this technique is to abandon societal norms and increasingly arouse one's partner with dirty talking and thus intensify the sexual mood.

Many people fantasize about dirty talking as well as turning on their partner to the extent that they throw caution to the wind and can express themselves as lewd and vulgar as possible. However, for most people, it is a major hurdle to even take the first step toward dirty talking, to simply let themselves go, and leave their inhibitions behind. It often requires practice and a little getting used to before most people feel comfortable enough to incorporate dirty talking into their lovemaking.

Not to mention, the style of dirty talking should be appropriate for the current situation. Whereas only few couples would imagine the idea of incorporating dirty talking during vanilla sex in the missionary position, dirty talking is the norm during wild, uninhibited lovemaking as well as many role playing games and in the BDSM sector.

The allure of dirty talking predominantly involves breaking conventions and the notion that your partner is so turned on and sensual during sex that he or she expresses their wildest thoughts out loud. It is no wonder that many people enjoy dirty talking and would like to incorporate it into their own relationship. However, not everyone has the ability to express themselves in a vulgar way or to simply forget the conventions that have been ingrained over many years.
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