SquirtenThis term originates from a sexual phenomenon known as squirting, a type of female ejaculation that can occur during orgasm. Experts still debate whether every woman is capable of squirting, and whether these skills can be trained.

Squirting occurs as a result of direct ejaculation from vaginal fluids. However, contrary to rumors, the fluid is not urine, but an odorless liquid. While usually only few women can actually squirt during climax, it always requires a certain amount of effort and a high degree of arousal for this wet orgasm to occur.

As a rule, squirting is primarily associated with intensive stimulation, which is not limited to exclusive stimulation of the clitoris or the area around it. Squirting is a vaginal orgasm triggered by the G-spot, as a rule. Many women are surprised and often mortified by their own bodies during the first few occurrences, for fear the fluid is actually urine. As a rule, it takes some time for most women to accept the bodily function of squirting.

Even men are often surprised by women who squirt. While there are some men who are turned off by this form of sexual climax, there are many more who consider a woman who can squirt as especially desirable and would like to experience being squirted on their own bodies. Accordingly, it is important for the man to bring the woman to orgasm in order to enjoy the squirting sensation.
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