CuddlingCuddling is no longer commonplace. For many people, the phenomenon of enjoying quietness and physical intimacy has actually become a foreign concept. In this increasingly frantic-paced day and age, many people - men and women alike - long for the so-called girlfriend or boyfriend experience. As part of this experience, cuddling is extremely important, since physical closeness is vital to one's well-being. This is the reason that many escorts and escort service providers offer cuddling as a standalone and designated service. Many clients desire this service from their escort and often greatly appreciate the feeling of oneness that intensive cuddling can bring.

Cuddling involves more than merely sex

Many consider cuddling as more important, more intensive, and even more intimate than sex. In contrast to sexual satisfaction, cuddling involves allowing and enjoying the closeness of a partner. Cuddling means sharing physical as well as emotional closeness, and taking pleasure in this closeness. Caresses, gentle massages or whispered conversations are all components of cuddling's appeal, which can vary with each individual. Above all, people in stressful occupations greatly enjoy cuddling. The ability to let down one's guard while spending time with another person in peace and quiet is extremely relaxing. Although it is certainly true that shower and bath games or shared erotic massages can also be relaxing, the asexual aspect of cuddling provides a vastly different sense of enjoyment for many people. You can experience cuddling while naked, clothed, while lying down, or even while standing. Regardless of the variation, cuddling becomes a form of enjoyment in itself.

Cuddling with an escort - how does it work?

Experiencing this type of closeness and sharing intimacy is very difficult for many people. Therefore, many escorts offer cuddling as one of their services. Yet - and it must be said - carrying out this service often depends on mutual understanding, since cuddling also means welcoming another person into one's own private sphere. If you would like to cuddle with your escort, yet feel uncomfortable or ill at ease in the process, this is not an issue. Perhaps you can opt for an alternate, more action-packed variation. Massages, various forms of international eroticism such as Spanish or French are viable alternatives, and by far not as intimate a sensation as cuddling. If you would really enjoy cuddling with your escort, you should express this desire in advance. By doing so, you can determine whether you are on the same wavelength and get along with each other. Regardless, the opportunities for cuddling are plentiful.
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