Passionate French kisses

Passionate French kisses

Passionate French kisses - titillating and arousing

Passionate French kisses are often an extremely intimate sensation and are enjoyed by couples in particular. Yet many escorts also offer this service, since they are well aware of the intense sensations this type of kissing unleashes and how important they are to a number of clients. Due to the high degree of intimacy of French kisses and the associated closeness, the chemistry between escort and client plays a vital role. It is only when the proper chemistry exists that many escorts will even offer this service.

Passionate French kisses for electrifying foreplay, erotic play, and afterplay

Many people love passionate French kisses and consider it an important aspect of a relationship. Anyone who books an escort service and expects a boyfriend or girlfriend experience, likewise expects to be treated as a boy- or girlfriend. In the same way that intense cuddling and erotic massages comprise this type of relationship, this also holds true for passionate French kisses, even with consideration of the following assumption: Not only do female clients love and enjoy passionate French kisses, many male clients also desire this service from their female escorts or male escorts. This is especially true when escorts are booked as accompaniment for events, since passionate French kisses create the ideal effect. On the one hand, passion is visibly displayed for others to see. When escorts portray themselves as one's own girl- or boyfriend, passionate French kisses complete the image and ensure a higher degree of acceptance by colleagues, and you will undoubtedly notice their envious glances. After all, female and male escorts are a feast for the eyes, as a rule. Passionate French kissing with such an alluring companion can even significantly raise the client's social status within many circles. But aside from the outward impression, other factors also play a role in passionate French kisses.

Intensive French kisses as erotic components

Kissing another person intensively is not only extremely intimate, but also immensely thrilling. Not to mention, its major advantage: There are very few who would object to seeing two people kissing intensively and passionately in public. Quite the opposite. Many people even look away with a smile or are visibly happy for the passionate couple. If you would like to participate in passionate French kissing in public with your escort, this can be easily accommodated. The extraordinary erotic tingling sensation is yet another pleasant reaction. Regardless where you are, this type of passionate kissing can also act as foreplay for subsequent salacious activities. For example, you can enjoy passionate French kisses as foreplay in a park, in the forest or at the lake on a summer evening. Once you've found a quiet spot, you can enjoy erotic fingering, French eroticism or even sex in public. It all depends on your desire, surroundings and the overall mood. Many escorts especially love this form of eroticism and use passionate French kisses to initiate lascivious games with you. Or perhaps you prefer passionate French kissing as foreplay, a promise of further activities to unfold... French kisses can keep you aroused while you are en route with your escort. And later experience the desired ecstasy with your escort at the hotel.

Passionate French kisses allow more intensive experiences

You can resume passionate French kissing as a couple in your hotel room, which can even significantly heighten the tension and intensity of your desire. Enjoy erotic massages, Spanish or French eroticism interspersed with passionate French kisses and you will undoubtedly sense that these sweet nothings can create an even more exciting experience. Many erotic services and shared erotic games are more passionately heightened by intensive French kissing. Lose yourself in long French kisses during erotic bath and shower games and experience the most intense shared intimacy and sexual tension. You will not regret it.

Not all escorts offer passionate French kissing

Passionate French kissing is not included among the standard repertoire of services offered by escorts. This is primarily due to the fact that French kissing is an extremely intimate activity. French kissing involves a closeness that is not as distinctly experienced, even during sexual intercourse. Therefore, it is advisable to explicitly ask escorts whether they offer this type of service. Yet many escorts only decide whether to comply with this request upon the initial meeting with you, since the rapport and certainly also hygiene are important factors for their decision. Should your escort inform you that passionate French kissing is not an option, do not be disappointed. The reason is that the chemistry is not sufficient to engage in this activity. However, this does not mean that you will not be able to experience numerous arousing and scintillating pursuits with your escort. If necessary, simply clarify the issue of passionate French kissing in advance via messenger. This measure will facilitate a much more relaxed initial encounter. Nevertheless, many escorts list French kissing on their sedcards. In these instances you are usually guaranteed that this specific service will also be offered, upon request. You can then revel in the passion and experience tension-filled eroticism the same way as with your own girl- or boyfriend, including passionate French kissing and many more erotic activities.

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