Position 69

Position 69the position 69, also simply known as 69, is a sexual position where both partners give each other oral pleasure. This often-practiced technique is popular among heterosexual and homosexual couples alike.

The position gets its name from the actual sight of the two lovers, since it appears as though the six were lying on top of the nine. In other words, one partner is lying on their back, while the other kneels upside down over them. This position allows both partners to directly face each others' genitals, and thus indulge and stimulate each other with their mouths hands, or even sex toys. There are no rules as to which partner is on the top or bottom, and positioning often depends largely on the partner's mood, physical conditions, and circumstances.

The position 69 is considered particularly intimate as well as intense by most people, since it allows both not only satisfying their partner, but also achieving their own satisfaction. In addition, each partner is displaying themself to the other in an absolutely vulnerable manner, while having a clear and constant view of each other's genitals.

However, the position 69 also has some disadvantages despite its many advantages, since only few can continue to stimulate their partner while simultaneously orchestrating their own orgasm. This drawback is applicable to both men and women, which indicates there is a point of arousal wherein one partner must stop stimulating in order to fully surrender to their partner's touching. For this reason, reaching climax at the same time is very rare in the position 69, and only seldom the desired objective. In fact, both partners mutually excite each other as a rule, but only then do they orgasm after each other in order to maintain their own coordination skills. Whoever reaches climax first is dependent on many different variants and thus cannot be determined.
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